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How do you disassemble the steering column on a 1998 Monte Carlo?

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Two torque screws on the back of the steerin g wheel release the airbag (TAKE out the Airbag fuses and disconnect the Negative battery cable first!). Steering wheel must be unbolted and pulled. Key switch taken out. The rest is self-expanatory.

2007-02-05 06:56:56
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Instructions to replace steering column assembly 1995 Monte Carlo?

when do you know when you have a bad steering column

What Steering Column will fit a 1985 Monte Carlo?

gtx castrol 5w 30

Where is neutral switch on 1972 Monte Carlo?

On top of lower portion of steering column.

Where is the brake light switch on 99 Monte Carlo?

as far as I know, left side of the steering column. At least, on the column somewhere.

Where is the emergency flasher on a 1998 Monte Carlo Z34?

under the dash around the steering column area.

Where are fuses for 1996 Monte Carlo?

Most likely next to steering column. near dash board

What Steering Column will fit a 1985 Monte C?

Any steering column from a 1978-83 Chevy Malibu, 1978-87 El Camino, 1978-88 Monte Carlo could work, depending if it's a column or floor shift

Did the 87 Chevy Monte Carlo have a column shifter or floor shifter?

Both. The Monte Carlo SS had a floor shifter (what I own), but the regular monte's had column shift

2003 Monte Carlo dimmer switch doesnt work?

You will have to replace the switch that is under the top cover on the steering column, the steering wheel has to come off to get the cover off.

Why cant I turn off my high beam lights on a 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo?

apparently the dimmer switch is bad in the steering column.

Where is the hazard switch on a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo?

Top of the steering column, it pushes down and pops back up on the 2nd try.

Where is the power steering fluid located in a Monte Carlo?

It is serviced in the power steering reservior.jd

How is the dashboard removed from a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo Z34?

1995 Chevy Monte Carlo has front air bags and has special tools to remove them. It is about a 7 hour job to remove a dash from this vehicle but if you insist on doing this start with dropping the steering column.

What would cause your 2002 Monte Carlo to have high beam headlamps only and no low beam?

Probably the high beam switch in the steering column is bad.

Where can you find the power steering diagram for a 2006 Monte Carlo?

The library.

How do you change the ignition switch in a 1985 Monte Carlo?

You're going to have to unbolt the steering column and drop it down. The ignition switch will be on the top of the column along with your high beam switch. Unbolt the switch then unplug it.

How do you install the steering column in a 1985 Monte Carlo?

Disconnect the steering column from the power steering box in the engine compartment (there is a seal and it will not pull out easy). Remove the cover from underneath the steering column inside the car. Disconnect all wire connectors. There is a bracket underneath the column - remove the four bolts from it. There is s boot seal where the column goes through the firewall - it may also contains a bolt that wiil need to be removed. If it has a column shifter, you will need to disconnect this as well. Make sure when you slide the new steering column into the power steering box that the tires are straight and so is the steering wheel. If you forget, the steering wheel will not be straight while driving.

Flasher location 1999 Monte Carlo?

The flasher relay switch is located beneath the dashboard, on the drivers side. The flasher handle is located on the left hand side of the steering column.

Will a 1977 Chevelle steering column fit in a 1970 El Camino?

No , the only compatibility for a 1970 Chevelle is a 69-72 Monte Carlo, Chevelle, El Camino... hope that helps...

What vehicles have the same steering column as a 86 caprice?

77-85 Impala, 77-90 Caprice, 78-83 Malibu, 78-88 Monte Carlo/El Camino

Did the 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo come with a column shifter?

Yes, most montes in 85 had the column gear shift.

Monte Carlo ignition won't turn steering wheel not locked?


Where do you add power steering fluid in a 2002 Monte Carlo?

in the top of the power steering reservoir on the passenger side of the engine.

Where is the power steering location in the 2003 ss Monte Carlo?

where do i put the fluid Its under alternator.

How many grease fittings are on a 1997 Monte Carlo?

none, all the steering parts are sealed.