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I had the check engine light on for about a year and it caused me to fail inspection. Simple solution to that one. A sensor had to be replaced. But like the previous answer, I wouldn't mess around with it. Get a diagnostic check done to get the code and determine the problem. Another thing that I have heard that could cause the problem is pumping gas into it while the car is running. That has been known to set it off. It needs to be reset at the garage.

you don't theres a reason for that light go to a repair shop and have it fixed.

Disconnecting this light with the intent to sell a car and conceal problems is illegal. Removing the light to pass inspection is also illegal. If you get caught doing either you could get fined or go to jail.

Any Cavalier in the world right now isn't worth more than around $10 G's, and if you're not rocking a brand new one (which I doubt you are if there's a check engine light on) it's probably only worth about $2K. Just get it fixed.

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Q: How do you disconnect a Chevy Cavalier check engine light?
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