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hold the washer at the end of the coupling (use a tool if necessary) - push it inwards (opposite to the direction you want the water line you want to come out towards) and pull out the water line. That's it.

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How do you remove quick disconnect transmission line on a jeep?

Easy use a quick disconnect tool or a small screwdriver

How do you disconnect the quick disconnect fuel line on a 96 Riviera?

Buy Quick Diconect tools At a parts store.They come on a strip in various sizes.

Which item is installed on the hot water heater outlet pipe to allow a point for quick disconnect?

A braided 3/4" stainless steel hose can be installed on cold and hot water line for a quicker disconnect.

How do you disconnect the quick disconnect fuel line on a 1998 grand voyager?

buy a fuel Quick disconnect tool. They make cheap plastic ones, and slightly more expensive metal ones

How do you disconnect quick connect fuel lines?

Usually, the line feeding the recepticle has a collar that simply slips back away from the recepticle (You may have to push the line forward and then pull back on the collar.) Then it should release.

Where can I purchase a 10' gas line with quick connect to connect my small bbq grill to my RV gas line?

Camping World for like 40 bucks

How do you disconnect the transmission fluid cooler lines from the transmission on a 1992 Jeep Cherokee?

Those transmissions have whats called a "Quick Connect" fitting. There are little plastic tabs on the fittings that must be pushed in so that the line can be pulled out.

How do you remove fuel tank 93 Thunderbird?

First remove gas cap, then disconnect exhaust from flange by fuel tank. Disconnect fuel pump electrical connection, disconnect fuel filler hose and evap line from top of tank. Disconnect quick connect fittings on top of tank. Lower tank. This procedure should be done with the tank less then 1/4 full.

How do you keep a remote line with quick disconnect from blowing seals and leaking?

switch to HPA, it is much better for the seals

How do you replace a thermostat in a 1998 Camry?

Drain coolant, disconnect the battery. Disconnect the coolant line, replace the thermostat with a new one. Do not forget to replace the gasket too. Reconnect the line. Refill coolant, connect the battery.

How do you unhook clutch hydraulic line for ford ranger from transmission?

You will need the Ford Hydraulic Clutch Quick Disconnect Tool.

How do you disconnect the bottom transmission line from the radiator on a 1998 Jeep Cherokee?

the line is a quick disconnect. Take a pair of pliers and GENTLY squeeze the white tabs going into the rubber part of the line. As you are squeezing, pull on the rubber piece of the line and it should come right off. Same thing for the transmission end of the line.

2000 Cherokee sport 40 how do you disconnect the air condition hoses from the condensor and the evaporator?

with a quick connect tool the tool slides in the back side of the line then push the line together and press the tool in to the line then pull the lines a part you may need to spray a lube in the connection if the lines have a build up of debree in them for it to let go

How do you disconnect a quick connect gas line?

How do you disconnect a quick connect gas line?It depends on the type that is used. There appear to be at least 5 different kinds but the one used on Saabs needs a GM disconnect tool that you can purchase from Harbor Freight or Autozone for under $10 bucks. The Saab quick connect has a rubber stopper / bushing that fits into the end of the metal quick connector. The bushing's purpose is to keep debris and dirt from getting into the connector. To Disconnect a Saab fuel line from the Fuel Rail:Grab one of the 3 rubber tabs that stick out perpendicularly on the side of the bushing and pull it toward the fuel rail. (You need to get the bushing up over the flair that keeps it in place.) All you want to do is get enough space between the bushing and connector so you can insert a small box wrench between them and use the wrench to pry the bushing up over the fuel line flaring.Once you have the bushing up out of the way, insert the disconnect tool into the end of the quick connector and push the quick connector up toward the tool. (The tool looks kind of like a pair of scissors that when closed form a 3/8" tube on one end and a 5/16" tube on the other end...). There are 4 metal tabs inside the quick connector that bend inwards toward a flaring that prevent the connector from coming off. By pushing the connector onto the tool, it pushes the 4 tabs back out of the way so they won't get caught on the flaring when you attempt to pull the connector off the line.With the connector pushed up onto the tube of the disconnect tube, you will then push both the connector and the tool away from the fuel rail. You might need to wiggle it back and forth but if you have the connector pushed up onto the tool far enough, it will provide enough clearance for the tabs to clear the flaring and the fuel line will disconnect from the fuel rail hard line.

How do you change a brake line on a 98 ford escort?

Disconnect brake line at the nearest junction Disconnect brake line at the affected wheel cylinder Route new brake line same way old one was Connect both ends Bleed the wheel cylinder on that line MAKE SURE MASTER CYLINDER DOES NOT RUN EMPTY

How do you disconnect a fuel line on a 2002 ford expoler?

Ford uses a quick connect fitting. You need the right size plastic release clip for the size line. It is a split plastic washer that goes around the line, you push it into the fitting and that releases the line. You can get a set of them for I think $6. Once you see the tool, it should make sense what it does and how to do it. Push the clip into the fitting with one hand and pull the line out with the other.

I need to disconnect the transmission line from the bottom of my radaitor on my Dakota PU. I have a sissor like disconnect tool but can't seem to figure out how to use it?

the line is a quick disconnect to operate your tool is to simply open it up place it on the line with the stems facing the connector and push in on the tool once the tool is fully seated keep pressure on the tool while pulling on the line to remove it. good luck

How do you stop the heater line that goes in the intake manifold from leaking?

You will need to replace the quick disconnect fitting and it is best to use a steel one.

How do I connect a portable washer to the water line?

The easiest way to connect a portable washer to the water line is to connect it to your sink. You'll need to remove the sink aerator from the faucet and attach the faucet adapter that came with your portable washer. You'll then connect the drain hose and the water hose to the washer and then to the faucet coupler. Finally, you'll connect the faucet coupler to the faucet and plug in your washer.

How do you replace a quick disconnect fitting on a return fuel line for a 2002 Chevrolet Impala?

You need to take it to a repair shop that has the equipment to properly repair it.

What color is the quick connect at the fuel filter?

The color of plastic at the filter connection doesn't matter because the filter is a larger line than the return line. They are different sizes

How do you disconnect a steel fuel line going into a black plastic quick connect on a 97 S10 pickup?

Squeeze together the two locking tabs to release the coupler. Squeeze the tabs first before you start pulling on the coupler. If you can't reach them with your fingers use needle nose pliers.

How do you change fuel filter on 1991 lincoln town car?

Try the fuel line that is inder the front side drivers seat It might have a quick disconnect

How do you remove the v6 ford ranger fuel-line locks?

You need to get a quick disconnect tool from any parts house to remove the fuel lines.

How do you put the fitting from the slave cylinder back into the clutch line on an 87 ford ranger?

U have to use a special "Quick Disconnect" tool. Usually about 5 bucks...

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