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How do you disconnect the ant theft device on 1995 Ford Explorer?


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A 1995 Ford Explorer is unlikely to be stolen by ants.

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On my 96 wagon , I have to disconnect the battery for about ten minutes to reset the system

On a 1995 Ford Explorer : No ( at least my 1995 Ford Explorer XLT doesn't )

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on My 1995 limited the fuse is red and it is #14 in the fuse panel if you remove the fuse the yellow abs light on your dash board will stay on .....

My 1995 Ford Explorer XLT has a factory antitheft system ( I'm not sure if all the models do ) * when the vehicle is off and all the doors are locked , do you see the word " THEFT " flashing in the gauge cluster ( assuming that the bulb is okay )

By any chance are you referring to the word "THEFT" that blinks in your gauge cluster when the Explorer is shut off and locked up ? That indicates that your alarm system is armed .

The automatic transmission in a 1995 Ford Explorer is electronically controlled

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If your anti - theft system is sounding (horn honking/lights flashing) you can shut it off by pressing the panic button on your key fob.

I think that one just has to sit for an hour for the fuel pump to start working again, that is assumming, of course, you don't trip it again....

I don't have pictures , but it is underneath the Explorer , below the drivers door , mounted on the frame rail on a 1995 Ford Explorer

The automatic transmission used in the 1995 Ford Explorer is a ( 4R55E )

where does a shift module go in at on a 1995 ford explorer xlt 4.0 2wd

My friends 1995 Ford Explorer Limited does , the controls are on the rear view mirror

According to motorcraft . com , the automatic transmission in a 1995 Ford Explorer only is used on the 1995 and 1996 models , so no

Starting with the 1995 model year of the Ford Explorer the AUTOMATIC transmission was ELECTRONICALLY controlled ( so the answer would be no )

My 1995 Ford Explorer has a 95 amp alternator (original equipment) if that is what you are trying to find.

On a 1995 Ford Explorer , 4 door : ( 79.5 litres / 21.0 U.S. gallons )

If it's the same as my 1995 Ford Explorer , its in the jack storage compartment , in the cargo area , on the drivers side , at the front of the compartment

why wont my 1995 ford explorer not start? It just makes a clicking noise?

( No ) starting with the 1995 model year of the Ford Explorer the automatic transmissions were electronically controlled

My 1995 Ford Explorer XLT , 4x4 , automatic , had a shipping weight of 4,053 pounds

I have a 1995 Ford Explorer , and with the engine running a mechanic disconnected both battery cables and it kept running - I was surprised!

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