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You don't, once it is created it exists forever (or close to forever depending on the amount of radioactive material involved). There is a process called the "half life', some isotopes degrade rapidly, others last for thousand of years. All you can do is isolate it, entomb it, and hope that it remains undistrubed for the next zillion years, just like the pharohs thought when they were entombed. The nuclear wastes cannot enter any underground river or water supply, since it would carry it elsewhere.

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Q: How do you dispose of nuclear waste?
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Can our nuclear waste go in to your water?

no, its not safe to dispose nuclear waste in water,rather it would be safe to dispose it in common salt trenches.

How do we dispose of nuclear waste?

The Radioactive Waste Management helps in the disposal of the nuclear waste. The nuclear power optimizer helps in the disposal of the nuclear waste by making use of the modern technology.

Is it safe to burn nuclear waste material to dispose of it?

No. It is not safe to burn nuclear waste, as that will only disperse the radioactivity into the atmosphere. It must be stored until it is adequately decayed.

Why is Nuclear Power so expensive?

its expensive to dispose of the waste and the initial machinery is expensive to build.

What is the safest way in disposing the nuclear waste?

There is no way to safely dispose of nuclear waste, but it is put underground to erode by thousands of years. Mount Yucca is somewhere the United States is planning to put their nuclear waste in. Underground, it cannot do much harm.

How do you dispose of waste plastic?

The best way to dispose of waste plastic is to recycle it.

Merits and demerits of nuclear energy?

Merits: it is efficient does not produce green house gases Demerits: it produces nuclear waste that can get people badly sick and eventualy kill them if exsposed to it and the waste is realy hard to "dispose" of

Why is nuclear power stations not good?

They are not good because of the pollution rate and the fact that the waste production is very hard to dispose of

Where does the us dispose its nuclear waste?

Noplace. The reactors just store it underwater in storage pools. They will run out of space eventually.

Explain why it is important to dispose of laboratory waste safely?

why is important to dispose of waste in a laboratry saftly

Why are nuclear waste at times said to be a problem which is too complicated to solve?

Because they emit radiation and is hard to dispose, It intoxicates the whole are its in.

In the US what is the most common way to dispose of a nuclear power plant's spent fuel rods?

burying the waste deep underground

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