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How do you download images to put on an iPod?

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To get images on your iPod Colour Photo, Nano or Video, you need to go onto iTunes, then connect your iPod model into your PC/Mac. Then, after it's synced, click on the photo tab, and chose an album of photos which will always be synced when you plug in your iPod model and automatically sync it on iTunes. It's recommended that you are using the current version of iPod 7.

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How do you put images on your iPod without a specific iPod program?

you put images using my pictures you can always sync photos from my pictures or other photo files to your ipod from your itunes page.

How do you put mp3s on to an ipod?

download your MP3's to windows media player, and from there download it to your itunes. There you have to download it to your iPod...

How do you download songs on your ipod from your computer?

you put your piece to your ipod then you put the piece into the computer then you go to download .com then you search your favorite song the you try to download it.

How To Download Music To An iPod Nano?

How Do You Put Songs On Your Ipod Touch ?

What do you need to download to put music on your iPod?

you need to go to and then you download it for free!!! you need to go to and then you download it for free!!!

How do you get movies on to your iPod?

Movies that you can put on your iPod are available on iTunes. Also, you can download YouTube videos using YouTube downloader and if you download the video into an iPod format, you can put that downloaded YouTube video onto your iPod.

Where can you download the south park episodes so i can put them on my ipod?

You don't have to download them. You can watch them on completely free. Yeah but i want to put them on my ipod

How can you get tehnoobshow episodes on your ipod?

Do it like you put videos in ipod. download to computer and put it in via itunes.

How do you download images from your iPod to your desk top?

Unless the picture files on your Ipod are already on your computer there is no way to get them from the Ipod to the computer. So in short, You can't.

Can you get songs from a CD to a iPod?

yes, download music to computer,the put it on the ipod.

How do i put music from itunes on to my ipod after i buy it?

you need to download this program to convert it to your iPod

How do you put iTunes on your ipod touch?

you put itunes on your computer or laptop, not the ipod itself. Then use itunes to download the music to your ipod. If you go on the apple website it has quite simple instructions on how to download itunes and music.

Why can you not put DVDs on your iPod?

Download them to your computer files thenimport to your iPod thru itunes library.

How do you put Rhapsody music on your iPod?

In order to put music on an iPod, first put the music into your computer's iTunes (download this if necessary). Once the music is in the iTunes, syncing the iPod should put the music in.

Can you download vampire knight on your iPod?

go to on realplayer watch one and download it convert it to ipod format put it in itunes sync ur ipod and there u go.

Can i put a movie in your iPod touch?

yes. you have to download it from itunes

Can you download music to ipod from mp3 music site?

you have to download it to a computer and then put it onto your i pod from there

Can I download songs from my radio in the car to my Ipod?

to answer your initial question, no you can't take songs from the radio and transfer them to your iPod, unless you buy or download the original song and put it on your iPod normally.

How do you download music on your iPod without a CD?

get a CD and put it into your computer and plug your iPod shuffle in and press start and look for music and click on it and download

How do you get a video from your camera onto your ipod touch?

Put your video into iTunes, then put it onto your iPod Touch. If it won't work, download HandBrake.

Can you download songs from LimeWire to your iPod?

Yes and no, you can't download them using limewire but you can put your limewire songs into itunes by selecting them and dragging them into your library, then you can download them onto your ipod. Hope this helps!

How do you put songs in iPod nano?

download itunes and buy music

Where can you download songs to put on your iPod? and its free songs no joke

Can you download games from your PC then put them onto iPod touch?


How do you put pics on MySpace if you have an iPod touch?

you can probably download it if you have WiFi