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  1. u need data cable or usb port
  2. connect it to the computer
  3. on your computer a message will display a new hardware device found
  4. go to the file or folder where u store your photos select the photos
  5. left click on mouse button & send it to the iPod.
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How do you download photos to iPod touch when using a PC?

download itunes onto that PC and upload the photos onto itunes and then you can download the photos onto your iPod.

How do you get photos onto an ipod touch?

easiest way is to send them to you self by email then download them on your ipod touch

How can you download photos onto ipod touch without using a computer?

fly to America

Can you put your own photos onto your ipod?

Yes, you can put your own photos onto your iPod.

Do you have to download songs onto your iPod?

You don't have to download songs onto your iPod, but that is half of what the iPod was made for.

How do you syncronize photo's onto your iPod Classic?

all you have to do is go to itunes and download all the photos that you want and select the syncronize button

How do you sync photos onto your i-pod?

Connect your iPod to iTunes, click on your iPod, and go to the Photos tab and click on a folder.

How do you download songs onto your ipod touch?

Use Itunes to download songs to ipod touch

How do you download moives onto an iPod for free?

You cannot download movies onto an iPod for free. It is illegal to download movies for free, and WikiAnswers will not aid in criminal activity.

How do you pass photos from your iPod Touch to the computer?

After you have plugged your Ipod into your computer, there should be a notification asking you what to do with the photos on your iPod, select folders and open the 'APPLE100' folder and you will see the pictures. If you do not get the notification, this is because you do not have any photos on your iPod, then go to Computer - Ipod device - APPLE100 to import photos onto your iPod.

How do you download onto a ipod?

Use Itunes

Can you get Fred videos on a iPod?

You cannot download Fred videos, so you can't download them onto an iPod.

How can you download photos onto your computer?

Put a webcam

Can you download movies onto your iPod or do you have to buy them on iTunes?

I believe you can download them.

Are there any websites that you can download music onto an iPod while using an iPod?


How do you start your iPod touch?

You have to download Itunes then plug your Ipod onto the computer

Can you have iTunes apps on the iPod nano?

you can it is on itunes but i cant get it to download onto my ipod...

Can you download apps onto a ipod nano?

The iPod Nano does not use apps.

How can you take photos on the iPod nano?

you can't, unfortunately the new ipod nano only takes videoBut you can VIEW photos on your Nano. Put your photos from your camera onto your PC. Then go into iTunes and sync your photos. :)

How can you download songs onto the my touch?

get the software onto your computer for the ipod touch

Can you download videos from youtube onto an IPOD?


Can you download a language CD onto an iPod and learn it from the iPod?

yes only on the ipod touch or iphone

How do i download photos onto an sd card on android?

You can download photos onto an SD card on android, by using an SD card holder inserted in your android device, and copying them directly.

Where can you download Free J-rock J-pop Music onto your iPod?

where i can download songs for ipod

How do you get photos onto your i touchwithout using a computer?

Upload it to an image hosting service like ImageShack, then download it to your iPod Touch using the built in Safari web browser.

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