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How do you drain the antifreeze from a 1992 Isuzu Pickup truck?

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The green color antifreeze will be just fine.

There is no drain plug . you will need to remove the trans. pan to drain fluid.

go under truck from behind the passenger front wheel. you should see the drain plug sticking out from under the oil pan

show a picture of the a/c drain hose on a mazda b3000 pickup truck

a pickup and a truck are the same thing hence the term pickup truck a pickup can be a truck but a truck doesn't have to be a pickup.

right below the intake gotta take intake off to get it off

The radiator drain plug on a 2001 Dodge Ram 3500 pickup truck with a 5.9 liter diesel engine is on the bottom inside corner of the radiator. It is on the driver's side.

The mass of a pickup truck depends on the truck but the average truck is about 162 kg.

how do I remove the water pump from my 1990 Isuzu truck?

It is possible depending on what kind of pickup truck you own.

Isuzu NPR is a truck. It takes diesel fuel and is a low cab forward truck.

A 98 Chevrolet 3500 truck holds 3 gallons of antifreeze. Much of the coolant is stored in the block which is difficult to completely drain when servicing.

On the 1996 Hombre it is in the glove box on the passenger side of the car. They may not have moved it that far in 2 years.

From what I have heard from others it is located in the rear diff. That is the best I have for you though.

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No pickup truck that is "cheap" is going to qualify as a "good" pickup truck. I would suggest spending the money on a high-quality pickup truck. It doesn't have to be luxury, but you definitely get what you pay for.

The Isuzu Hombre and S10 were built on the same platform, but they weren't 100% identical.

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