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How do you drain the oil out of a 1999 suzuki 300 king quad?


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jack the back of the bike up and remove the oil plug!


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A 1999 Suzuki King Quad 300 should have a spark plug gap of .028 inches. A spark plug for this vehicle should cost about $2.20.

Nothing is wrong. A 1999 Suzuki king quad 300 usually tends to burn a lot of oil. Many people worry something may be wrong with the engine, but chances are the quad is becoming old.

an 1999 suzuki king quad is 4 stroke running straight gas the oil goes in at the back of the ATV right of the hitch should see the oil cap clear as day

I might be wrong but on a Suzuki king quad the tire pressure should be 36 psi!

the 1999 king quad holds 3500ml or 3.7 quarts for oil change. 3600ml or 3.8 quarts with filter change.

where is the neutral switch 1998 Suzuki king quad

I need a pic where the vin are of quing quad 700 suzuki

Check out the tech section at NYROC.COM for all things King Quad...

Sing the song, you know Fix up locked brakes on Suzuki king quad 4 wheeler!

I have a 2000 king quad 300 and you add the oil in rear axle theres a screw out plug

there is a sight glass on the left side. Its on the case the says suzuki.

to adjust the clutch on suzuki king quad 1999 locate the oil filter on the right side of the bike look for three bolts with a bigger one in the middle of the threethe middle srew will open up a nut and a set screw in the middle loosen the the nut and turn the the adjustment screw while you are in first gear . hope this helps you

3.5 quarts with a filter change.

You can go up to 3.2 U.S. gallons, or 2.6 imperial gallons for Suzuki king quad LT 300. It is recommend that you use alcohol-free, unleaded gasoline.Ê

On a Suzuki King Quad 300, you can find the oil filter behind the back right tire. It is located toward the front part of the rear tire behind a small cover that has three nuts.

The recommended octane rating for a 97 Suzuki King Quad 300 by the dealership is 87. However, it is found that the bike runs smoother on octane rating 89 with 10% ethanol.

The Suzuki King Quad is a multi-purpose four wheeler that incorporates various class-leading features. It has the capacity of 3 quarts of oil.

Take the battery cables off for a few min.

the top speed if stock is 47 mph

10w40 motorcycle oil, because of the wet clutch.

You can check the oil in your 1999 Suzuki 300 by checking the oil dipstick. The oil dipstick is on the bottom of the oil fill cover.

I found it under the front shroud that houses the front lights. I also discovered it is NOT a King Quad... it's the predecessor... the Quadrunner 4x4.

I have the same quad and we're putting 10w40 in it...seems the oil caseing and the rear diff are one.....

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