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How do you draw manga?



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No one wants to read some long list on How To Draw Manga!

Main features:

1) Pointy Chins

2) Pointy Hair (sharp)

3) Wide Eyes

4) - Looks Exactly like A Human In More 'Cartoon' Form!

You can find many images on the internet of Manga, Or try searching up Anime.

Anime and Manga are both similar, but Anime tends to be more the series you'd see on the television, and Manga tends to be just drawings. Try looking up on the internet how to draw Manga! There are also books you can buy telling you how to draw Manga too. Books are better than the internet, showing you how to draw eyes, hair, bodies, clothes, accessories, Etc.. I am only 13, And I can draw Manga easily! (Freehand!) With the help of books for guidance.