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How do you dress a ship with flags and on what occasions would you do it?


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Dress Ship, To. To array or rig out a vessel with flags and pennants in honor of a person or event. Formerly, such display was often carried to the extreme "rainbow fashion" of running a line of bunting from waters edge to jib-boom end, thence to fore, main, and mizzeen trucks down to spanker boom, and over the stern to water; also, on special gala occasions flags were displayed in vertical line between each yard-arm, in addition to the rainbow dress. Today, a single vertical line of International Code flags at each mast, with national colors aft, house flag at maintruck, and jack at the fore commonly constitutes dressing ship in the merchant service; rainbow dress, however, often is seen, especially in naval vessels, and now amounts to a display above deck on a line from stem to stern via the mastheads. Ref: Enclopidia of Nautical Knowledge, Cornell maritime Press, Copyright 1953, 1992 ed. page 141 I don't know if the customs have changed, but in the 1970s we "dressed ship" with the rainbow whenever we were anchored in a foreign port.


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Signal code flags are flown (dressing ship) on National Holidays, at regattas and other special occasions. There is a prescribed order in which the signal flags are to be flown, beginning at the bow rail, up to the masthead (truck) and then down to the stern. (Sailboats or ships with a mast). AB2, Uj1, KE3, GH6, IV5, FL4, DM7, PO Third Repeater, RN First Repeater, ST0 (zero) CX9, WQ8, ZY Second Repeater. And don't forget the Yacht Ensign or American flag at the stern. This is taken directly from Chapmans. Hope this helps.

Cleaning the ship up and displaying flags and bunting.

Pretty much standard Navy working uniforms. Dress uniforms are only worn on special occasions when off the ship. Overalls are common as well, particularly for engineers.

The type of fancy dress that would be suitable for pirate cosplay would be a light and breezy type of dress. The fabric should flow as if on a pirate ship sailing in the wind.

Ship call signs/signals comprise 4 letters or flags.

Yes. She flew the flags of England, France and the United States (but not Ireland). However, flags are removed at sunset so she was not flying anything when she sank.

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Two solid yellow flags (QQ) would be a request for health clearance when entering the harbor.

The original meaning is lost, but most meant in the beginning that there was a disease on the ship. Eventually it was translated as the ship would give no quarter to enemies, and the skull and crossbones was meant as a warning.

because they had jolly roger flags on their boats

Jacks are additional national flags flown by warships (and certain other vessels) at the head of the ship. These are usually flown while not underway and when the ship is dressed on special occasions. Jacks in the Royal Navy must be run up when the first line is ashore when coming alongside. Apparently the British navy started this.

The term "dress to the nines" comes from England when sailing ships were used. As the ship would come into the harbor all sails would be flying, all nine of them. And all the sailors would be dressed in dress uniforms lined up on either side of the ship. The modern connotation is to have put on your finest clothing and jewelry, almost as if you were being visited by royalty. See also 'putting on the dog.'

you have to buy them from the ship dispenser.

His flags name was Columbus Flag!!:) It has an F, a cross and a Y on it.!:)

Flags flown by ships are also called ensigns.

they told a man to dress up as a woman and scream for help if a ship saw them it would come and try and help.

That would depend how you sent it, for example by priority, airmail or by ship. It can take less than a week.

where is white wings ship nevagation company what email or dress in London

the reason is to know how to separate your ships. to mark a ship from a distance, is very hard unless you have a flag.

An Army dress uniform is appropriate for ship's dress night on a cruise ship. However, the person wearing the uniform must be on active or reserve duty.

A ship of the line would pass in review with all of their flags flying in celebration. To pass with flying colors means they did very well and succeeded in their endeavor.

Most online retailers have an option to ship your clothes next day. A website I found is, which will ship your dress overnight to you.

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It means that a test was successfully completed very easily, or passed by a wide margin.The idiom comes from the age of sail, when battling warships would lower or strike their colors (flags) to surrender, so that the victor was the ship left with flags still triumphantly flying (waving).

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