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  1. If you have dark hair, you must bleach it before you try to dye it with Jell-O. Follow the direction on the kit, and rinse the bleach out completely before you go any further.(you can skip step one)
  2. Step 2
Apply petroleum jelly along your hairline and around your ears and neck to prevent the JELL-O from staining your skin. Dyeing Your Hair
  1. Step 3
Pour the JELL-O powder out into the bowl or bowls. Add conditioner and mix until you get a thick, mayonnaise-like consistency.
  1. Step 1
Drape the old towel across your shoulders and put on your gloves.
  1. Step 2
Apply the JELL-O/conditioner mix to your hair. You can dye your entire head in one color, or do streaks of different colors. To dye your entire head, slather the JELL-O dye over your hair until it is completely saturated. Then, cover your hair with plastic wrap, aluminum foil or a shower cap.
  1. Step 3
For streaks, separate out chunks of hair, paint them with JELL-O dye and wrap them in aluminum foil.
  1. Step 4
Leave the dye in for at least 1 hour. The longer you leave it in, the stronger the color will be. You can also lock in the color using heat. Simply wrap your hair in a towel and heat it with a blow dryer.
  1. Step 5
Rinse your hair thoroughly. The color should wash out in about 5 to 7 shampoos.
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Q: How do you dye your hair using jell-o and how long does it last?
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