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Make sure nobody is looking... :P lol

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Q: How do you eat chips without getting any on your hat?
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Does potato chips have any uses?

Eat the chips.

Can ducks eat chips and cereal?

yes any cearal but not alot of chips

What has more fat fish or chips?

the breading on the fish if its deap fried. if not, then its the chips. eat the fish without the breading to be healthier.

Can mice eat chips?

Yes, mice can eat chips.

Can guinea pigs eat chips?

No they can't eat chips

What did the trenches eat?

chips chips

When do you eat chicken and chips?

You can eat chicken and chips when you feel like it.

Do the English eat chips with vinegar?

Do the English eat chips with vinegar

What kinds of chips do Americans eat?

pretty much any chips they can, but i think most Americans prefer doritos, lays, cheetos, kettle chips, barbeque, and pringles

Why can't hamsters eat chips?

Because, Hamsters are too little to be eating big potato chips or any other chips and also, THEY MIGHT CHOKE AND DIE.

Is it okay to eat potato chips with milk?

No. Potato chips with milk (any brand) can cause or anybody else to throw up.

Can guinea pigs eat blueberry without getting sick?

yeahh they can eat them without getting sick...i feed mine blueberries and he seems to enjoy them!

Can seagulls eat salty chips?

yes, seagulls can eat salty chips

Why do people eat chips?

People eat chips because they taste good.

What chips are the worst for you?

There are no chips that are worst then the other.A chip that is high in fat maybe has less salt or carbs then another chip has and any variation of that.A majority of chips are bad for you and if you are to eat them then eat them rarely and only have 1 serving size.

Can cats eat chips?

They can but it is not a good idea.NO!!It is not a good idea to feed chips to cats too much, the reason they like them is for the salt. You could probably give them one without problems, but not any more. They should be eating cat food anyway.

Can a dog eat chips?

a dogs not supposed to eat chips but it wont necessarily hurt them so yes they can eat chips but dogs are supposed to eat dog food not human food!

Can you eat potato chips?

Yes; you can eat potato chips, provided you are not allergic to potatoes.

Can an African gray eat chips?

yes they can eat chips my African grey loves them he is always next to my plate and taking my chips.

Can rats eat chips?

Yes they could eat chips because that is microorganism of food that contains preservative rats eat this too cause they like the savory chips and they eat it with their hand or mouth

What can you eat in the underworld?

Without getting stuck there? Nothing.

What foods do Muslims eat during Ramadan?

Muslims can eat any thing from fish and chips to curry during Ramadan

Can hamsters eat banana chips?

yes they can eat banana chips

Is it good for dogs to eat chips?

No, chips are not good for dogs.

Can you eat chips on a diet?

Chips are high in fat, which means that they're high in calories - and the main goal of any diet is to reduce the amounts of calories that you eat daily.Chips obviously won't measure up as a particularly sensible choice in the circumstances.If you want to eat chips, then you have to make room for that by adjusting the rest of your diet accordingly. You can probably fit in a small bowl of chips if the rest of the meals that day are really strict.