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make sure the ground wire is still hook up to the hood

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Where can you find great patio ideas online?

You can find great patio ideas on the following website: They have great ideas.

Is there a website for family fun ideas? has a variety of great fun family ideas. It is a great location to get some great ideas for any family!

Which was an affect of the invention of the printing press?

An increase in the spread of ideas - Apexxx Sierra Pacific ( : 559..

What was the philosophy of the may fourth movenvent leaders?

To use western ideas to eliminate foreign control

Where online can I find great ideas for a halloween party?

To find great tips and ideas on how to throw a great halloween party you can go to They have recipes, costume ideas, decoration ideas, and games to help make your party a success!

Does anyone have any ideas for exercise warm ups?

Yes do Some Static Stretches, Then A Skilled Activity.

What were Benito Mussolini's great ideas?

He had no good ideas ,, he was a failure :p

1992 GMC Sierra with radio problems It has power but no audio Any ideas?

It is probably the output amplifier chip.

Where did he gets his ideas?

There are a great many places where he could get his ideas. He could get his ideas from magazines and stories for example.

Where can I find some great halloween craft ideas for kids?

You can find some great children craft ideas for Halloween on Disney websites, printable websites. Anywhere on the web there are great ideas. Also look in books.

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Pinterest is a great resource to find 50th Birthday party ideas. It offers a variety of different ideas, photo, favor ideas for guests and themes that are great for parties at any age. Also another great source for ideas for birthdays are to visit your local party center. They sell a wide variety of party decorations and the associates are great at giving you ideas as to party themes.

What is a feature of a static visual?

Static visuals are images used to grab your audience's attention. You represent key ideas by how these images are placed on the page and making them stand out with color, contrast, and other set ups.

What are some of the best Lawn & Garden magazines?

Fine Gardening is a great magazine. You can order from them on their website. They have great ideas for all types of yards and will give you great ideas.

Repair static in phone line?

Some ideas: * Tighten all connections in the phone jacks and at the demarc. * Insure good insulation throughout the system. * Look for sources of static, motors are notorious for causing static. * Cheap phones can have loose connections inside that add to the problem.

Where did Nathanial Hawthorne get his ideas about the Puritans?

By his great great grandfather who was a Purtain.

Where can someone find great ideas for body tattoos?

Someone can find great ideas for body tattoos everywhere in the world surrounding them. Ideas can be pulled from nature, art, and people in various places,

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Where can I find ideas for haloween decorations?

There are many great websites that offer great Halloween decorating ideas. Some of my favorites are, and, they all offer ideas no matter what your budget is.

Where does one find information on the Great Ideas Conference?

One can find information on the Great Ideas Conference on the Great Ideas Conference pdf file on the ASAE center's website. As well as this, one may contact the ASAE center for more information.

Where can you find ideas for activities to do with seniors?

Here is a great article with great ideas for senior activities. It also has some great supplemental links.

What are mccains ideas for the us?

he will do great things

Where did Pablo Picasso get his great ideas from?

From his life.

Does Martha Stewart have any ideas for Thanksgiving decorations?

Martha Stewart has great ideas for every holiday. Her magazine is sold everywhere. You can get some great ideas for the season by buying the current issue of her magazine. You can also check out what's to come in upcoming issues as well so you don't miss out on any of her fall ideas. She has a website that offers great ideas as well.

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Looking for ideas on how to make a great poster? Need some creative poster ideas? Go to They have a poster gallery, great poster ideas, and products designed to make your poster project easier, faster and better!

What are some good ideas for Mother's Day gifts?

Every mom is special and finding good ideas for a great mother's day gift can be hard. I found a great place to look for great ideas and wonderful gifts for mom. Go to,