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How do you make your internet screen go back to normal?

This question entirely depends on what sort of problem you are having with your internet screen in the first place, and your definition of 'normal'. You can try asking a computer maintenance person, or ringing up the company of your particular computer.

How do you get rid of a white screen on your blackberry?

It's the white screen of death you can't eliminate death.

What is windows screen savers?

A screen saver is the thing when you turn on your computer and it says internet. BUT the SCREEN SAVER is the thing BEHIND where it says internet. Like the picture.

Is it wrong to threaten someone on the internet behind a blank screen?

Yes, it is wrong to threaten someone on the internet with a blank screen.

Where is web browser on Windows 8?

To run internet explorer, you can click (or tap) the Internet Explorer icon on the start screen or type internet when the start screen is shown.

How do you eliminate split screen on your flat screen?

how to stop split sceen go in to menu and find info on your sceen and click extend......

Does a touch screen mp3 player have internet?


What is a screen name?

A screen name is the alias you use to sign up for various services on the internet .


If your in internet explorer, you can change the zoom level on the bottom right of the screen.

Does Craig touch screen mp3 players have internet?


Where can you find a TV snow screen saver?

on internet!

How do you get off a full screen on the internet?

Press escape.

How do you get out of the fossils screen on Wii sea monsters?


How do you adjust your computer screen with Firefox internet?

you cant

What do you click to connect to the Internet?

You can connect to Internet by pressing the internet-icon on the right-bottom of your screen. Then you need an internetconnection. And you're done!

What do the government initials DSI stand for?

Dual Screen Internet

How do you get your internet browser off of full screen?

prees F11

The Internet Explorer title bar is at the bottom of the screen?


Do you need internet to play map packs on black ops?

If you want to play online then you need internet for the new maps but you can play spit screen or split screen zombies (offline)

Runescape on your screen is black and wont load?

If your screen s black you proboby don't have good internet connection

How to eliminate condensation on LCD screen for gps depth sounder?

Condensation can be eliminated on the LCD screen of a GPS depth sounder by sealing the seams between the screen and frame with a silicone aquarium sealant. Also, put petroleum jelly on any visible cracks on the screen.

What is the basic computer device?

Keyboard, Mouse, Nowadays Internet Cable for internet, Screen connector, sound and Electricity

How did the internet change the lives of people in the world?

internet changes the lives of people as no one is as intelligent as internet. everyone cheats their works from this super class intelligent screen(internet).

Can you play Split screen multiplayer without being connected to the internet?

Yes, you can play split screen multiplayer without an internet connection. You only need internet if you plan on playing with people online. Note that if you are playing a game that allows online splitscreen multiplayer you will need an internet connection.

Can the screen on your zen v plus be fixed?

Yes, buy a replacement screen and then look at the instructions on youtube or all over the internet... the hard part is getting a screen