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How do you emancipate yourself in Virginia if you are 17?


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Teenagers in Virginia who wish to be emancipated need to file a petition in their county's Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. A judge will eventually determine if grounds for emancipation exist.

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You can ask the court to emancipate you without parental consent, but I don't know that they'll do it because Virginia

Virginia law requires that a minor must be at least 16-years of age before he or she can file a petition of emancipation. VA. Title 16.1-331.

Graduating from high school does not emancipate a minor. Your parents are still in charge until you turn 18.

{| |- | No you cannot. Indiana does not have an emancipation statute. The age of majority is 18. At that point the parents are no longer responsible for the child. |}

The question whether you will be able to emancipate yourself at all. Some states don't have an emancipation statute, which makes it very difficult to do what you wish. If you succeed, then, yes, you would be able to move.

You do not have to live alone. You do have to support yourself.

No, pregnancy does not emancipate a minor.

No, pregnancy does not emancipate you.

Being pregnant/having a child does not emancipate a minor. Until you turn 18, your parents are in charge, so they make the rules.

You can not emancipate yourself but in most states you can seek emancipation by the court when you are 16. You have to fill the criteria when it comes to supporting yourself, school and getting a place to live etc.

{| |- | No you cannot. Alabama does not have an emancipation act. The age of majority is 19. There is an act that will allow an 18 year old to sign contracts. |}

{| |- | Yes you can. The age of majority in California is 18. You can petition the court under the Family Law Code section 7120 at the age of 14. |}

Only with parental permission. Having a child does not emancipate you. Only regarding the baby and health decisions regarding yourself.

Arizona Sorry, there is no emancipation status in this state.

well what i have heard frpom washington was that if you are 16 years old then you are at the legal age of emacipation. but you have to go to court an prove to the judge that you can financially take care of yourself an prove that you have income an also prove your age an where you were born. you also have to state the reason of why you want to emancipate yourself. The judge is the one that decides whether you can be emancipated. your parents dont even have to sign or even agree with it.

Sorry, there is no emancipation status in Mississippi.

You must be at least 17, and have parental concent.

At leat 14-16 with parent consent or 17.

If you meet your state's requirements for emancipation. As a general rule, you would be required to prove (among other things) that there is a legitimate reason that emancipation would be in your best interest, and that you are capable of *fully* supporting yourself and your child.

Pregnancy does no emancipate you. it's your age that that does that so if 17 is the legal age in your state , you are emancipated. Otherwise not.

No if parents don't like it. They can emancipate you if they want to.

Pregnancy does not emancipate you in any state.

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