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How do you encourage a narcissist to settle a divorce quickly?


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Once you get a lawyer the first thing they usually do is allow the wife and children to stay in the home. Let the lawyers fight it out! You are right on every count. This guy isn't going to change and if you give in just to try and keep the peace it will not only be difficult for you, but also the children.

Good luck!


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Divorce lawyers specialize in helping settle who will get all the money after they divorce. Also, they settle all the people's disputes about property and different things.

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A divorce can be settled out of court, if both parties agree to the settlement. However a judge will still need to sign the divorce decree to make it legal.

If the divorce is uncontested, or unsettled, they help to make the settle the disagreements. They handle all of the official documents that have to be filed.

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A website called 'free divorce' lets you download all the divorce papers you need to settle your divorce and it's completely free. Another website called 'texas law help' also provides people with free divorce papers.

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After a divorce, the couple must go to court to settle an agreement. The judge will determine what is right for the child based on the mental and physical health of the parent.

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No. The appeal is the answer from your spouse for your filing for divorce. A divorce in CA takes 6 months for a basic no fault divorce and with no other problems. Since CA is a community property state you need to settle all the assests in the marriage. Your divorce isn't final until you get the final signed court papers.

ANSWER: There is no set time that you have to be separated prior to getting a divorce in Alabama. The divorce, however, takes some time. If you and your soon to be ex agree to the divorce terms, an uncontested divorce may be filed. This is typically the quickest way to carry out the divorce process as a "contested" divorces (those typically settled through trial) may take a year or longer to settle.

Usually a house is part of the divorce since it was bought while there was a marriage. This means that both of you have an interest in the house. You will have to settle with your husband what will happen with the house.

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Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa filed for divorce on December 16, 2011, and they reportedly had settled the issues involved. The courts will settle the case in early 2012.

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