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Do as much resaerch as possible. Make sure that you are keeping up to speed with what others are doing. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Try to organise a regular work review with your boss. This will give you an opportunity to receive feedback from management and for you to ask questions on how you can improve in your job. I hope that you find this advice useful. Graciously, Gogo Helpful Girl

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In my point of view, while leaving the office after when you feel that the company is benifited by you, then its good. The most possible way of doing a job is just spend some time before starting the work that how are you going to execute the work in the most efficent way by saving time and money to the company. A little discussion with you subordinates, manager or anyone who have knowledge. There is should be feed back then oonly you know how the job is done, -ve or +ve, anything there should be a feedback.

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