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Unfortunately, you can't. You have to have an animal with a code on the birth certificate.

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Q: How do you enter your bear certificate on build a bear from 2002?
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Was you supposed to get a build a bear certificate when you purchased the bear?

Yeah, you were. You go up to the computers they have in there and enter the codes that came with your animal and you add in the information and a certificate is printed for you.

Where do you find the peace bear on build a bear ville?

You don't find it. You have to buy one and enter the code on its birth certificate.

How an you get your build a bear birth certificate?

go to your local buid-a-bear workshop and purchase a bear once you do that a certificate will come with it all you do is log on to and make a character and enter the codes on the bottom of the certificate ! hope i helped ! :)

Can you get any build a bear online if you have a birth certificate?

No your going to have the bear that you got with the certificate.

What are the codes for build a bear?

it is in your certificate

How do you get the birth certificate for build a bear workshop on line?

you can't buy a certificate online you have to buy a bear and get the certificate with it.

Can you redeem a build a bear certificate?

Yes. Either online at the official Build A Bear website, or at the Build A Bear Workshop.

Where do you enter the build a bear ville code?

you enter the codes inside the vurtual build a bear

How do you make a birth certificate on build a bear?

You have to buy a bear from the shop online or from one of their stores to get a birth certificate. Then once you have made a bear and have a certificate you go onto build a bearville and go to the workshop in the town square click on the bear at the till and click on bring a furry friend to life and on your birth certificate you have two codes at the bottom the id number and the key code . Enter both of these and then your bear will come to life on build a bearville . Hope that answered you question !

How do you put your bear into your backpack on Build-a-Bearville?

When you buy a bear there is an animal id and key code on the bottom of the birth certificate. you enter this into BABV and it jumps into your backpack

Is there a Buildabear code for a bear that you can have?

Yes there is if you are talking about buildabearville. Have you been to build a bear workshop?If so, You have a birth certificate for your bear/rabbit/pony. To get a bear on builabearville you have to click on the bear at the counter then, click on 'Enter Code To Get A Bear'. So Under the thingy of the certificate it says visitation code

What are the build a bear workshop codes for a bear?

a birth certificate code!

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