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How do you evolve a golbat into a crobat in pokemon ruby?

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give golbat lotsa love until it likes you. ( Pokemon leafgreen firered ) go to daisy's house and see if the golbat likes you. ( others ) i have no idea

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How To Evolve Golbat in Pokemon Ruby?

Golbat evolves when it has max friendship with its trainer so if you want Crobat be very friendly to your Golbat.

Do need a national dex for Crobat in Pokemon ruby?

All you have to do is get a Golbat to be very happy and it'll evolve to Crobat, so no.

How do you get aCrobat on Pokemon ruby version?

umm there is no such thing as an acrobat but if your talking about the Pokemon crobat then you need to evolve golbat

How can you get crobat in Pokemon Ruby?

To get a Crobat on pokemon Ruby you must evolve your Golbat. If you do not already have a Golbat you can find them in many places such as: Cave of Origin, Meteor Falls, Seafloor Cavern, Shoal Cave, Sky Pillar, and Victory Road.

What level does graveler evolve in Pokemon Ruby?

You have to trade it then back again if you want it back. It will evolve into Golem. This is like Golbat, you must trade it for it to evolve into Crobat.

How do you evolve a golbat into a Crobat in Pokemon saphhire?

well i played ruby and when my golbat got to level 83 it evolved so that's the way of hard work (and rare candies)

How do you get Golbat to evolve into Crobat on Pokemon leaf-green?

you need to have max frendship with golbat, but i think you need to trade to ruby/sapphire/emerald, then have it love you, then trade it back

On Pokemon Platinum when does golbat evolve?

golbat evolves into crobat when you max out its happiness and it only evolves in Pokemon emerald, platinum, Sapphire, ruby, diamond, and pearl all other Pokemon games it does not evolve golbat just evolves in the Pokemon games i listed and all other Pokemon games golbat does not have an evolution because crobat didnt exist because game freak (the company that created Pokemon) didnt come out with an evolution of golbat at that time so it only evolves in the 6 Pokemon games i listed

Pokemon Ruby what level does golbat evolve?

There is no specific level for golbat to evolve it needs to be loyal to it's trainer in order to evolve.

When does Golbat evolve in Pokemon Ruby?

Golbat evolves based on it's loyalty. If you don't let it faint often (or at all), give it berries to eat, and train it often (overall just be "kind" to it) it will evolve to Crobat but this is extremely annoying. I personally hate this training/evolution method and i dont think Crobat is worth it to be honest.

How you do to evolve golbat Pokemon ruby?

Use golbat a lot and he must never faint. He's happiness will increase and when it is full it will evolve

What level does golbat evolve in Pokemon ruby?

It evolves through happiness.

How do you get a Crobat in Ruby?

a golbat will evolve into crobat from hapiness, just make sure you treat it well =D, also i think feeding it pokeblocks and giving it a soothe bell helps im not sure though

What Pokemon evolve though trade in ruby red?

Alakazam, golbat, groudon, and a few others

What level does golbat evolve in ruby?

golbat does not evolve unless you trade it on full friendship when you have the national pokedex.

How do you get Mean look on ruby?

Mean Look can be learned by golbat, zubat, and crobat if you want the easy way.

Which Pokemon evolve by trade in ruby and sapphire?

Graveler-colen , kadabra-alacazam, gloom/vileplume, golbat/golbat. I don't know any others, butI believe there are more.

How can you tell if your golbat trusts you on the game Poke'mon Ruby?

he is going to evolve

What level does relicanth evolve at in Pokemon Ruby?

it doesn't evolve in Pokemon ruby.

What level does Weezing evolve at in Pokemon Ruby?

Weezing does not evolve in Pokemon Ruby.

What level does chimecho evolve in Pokemon Ruby?

CHIMECHO Dosen't evolve in Pokemon Ruby

Where to catch Crobats in Pokemon ruby?

get a golbat and max out his happiness

How do you evolve nosepass in pokemon ruby?

You cannot evolve Nosepass in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.

Can Crobat learn fly in pokemon ruby?

yes hes flying is he not

On which level does the Pokemon Phanpy evolve in Pokemon Ruby?

Phanpy should evolve into Donphan on level 25 in Pokemon Ruby.

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