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what program are you using for your contacts.if your using outlook upload the blackberry desktop software and sync your phone.

you can export your contacts from your system by using blue tooth devices or data cord.

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Q: How do you export Contacts from your computer to your Blackberry?
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How do you export contacts from your blackberry to your computer?

Load blackberry software on your computer, connect by cable and check the settings, then synchronize

How do you export telephone contacts from Gmail to blackberry?

You can extract contacts by exporting them. A CSV file is a database file that is formed. You could export that data in your Blackberry.

How do you export contacts from your blackberry to blackberry?

u need a wire 4 that

How do you transfer contacts from Gmail to blackberry?

You have to create an external CSV file for that. After creating it transfer into the blackberry. You can then export contacts from that CSV/

How do you export contacts from Gmail to blackberry?

Try the solution at related links.

How do you export Gmail contacts from computer to Gmail on iphone?

There is no need to import or export the contacts. The contacts will be automatically available if you are using the same username on both the devices.

How can I export blackberry contacts to laptop with Windows 7?

Use the USB cable that should have come with the Blackberry. If you didn't get one with the phone, you should get one from any Blackberry retailer.

How do you export Contacts from your blackberry to nokia 6500?

You need to have Blackberry Desktop Manager software installed. You need to synchronize to Outlook, making sure that "Synchronize Organizer Data" is selected. The contacts will then be available in your Outlook Contacts. You need to 'select all' and email to yourself. They will then be sent as individual vcf files. Then you Save Attachments to a folder on your computer. You then need to open Nokia PC Suite. Then manage your contacts and add the files where you saved them.

Can I store my contacts on a memory canrd and put them on my blackberry?

Yes. You need the blackberry PC software. the software comes with the phone when you buy it or it can be downloaded form the website. The program has a utility whre you can keep track of contacts. When you add contacts on the utility on the PC you can export the contacts as a file and then transfer them to the card and then to the pone. It's a ipd file that contains the contacts.

Plugged in your blackberry how do you Do you get pictures of blackberry?

Run the Blackberry Desktop Software and click on pictures and from there use the export tab and it will transfer the pictures onto your computer to the designated file.

How can I copy contacts from Nokia 6310i to Blackberry?

Connect it to your computer and go on nokia PC suite

How do you import contacts from your Blackberry to the iPhone 3G?

Ok, this is how I did it with my Blackberry Pearl, or Bold and any iPhone, on Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8. Preliminary steps: Have Blackberry Desktop Manager installed. Also, connect your Blackberry and iPhone to your computer (you don't need to connect both at the same time... but I did any way) . Make sure you read about the whole process of transferring BlackBerry contacts to iPhone here: 1) Load up Blackberry Desktop Manager 2) Go to "Organizer" and check "Contacts -> Windows Contacts". Make sure all other boxes are unchecked 3) Under "Sync direction" choose "One way to your computer only" and click OK 4) To start the transfer of BlackBerry contacts, click on "Sync Organizer" 5) Your BlackBerry contacts are now backed up in the form of Windows Contacts on your PC 6) Now it's time to transfer the contacts to the iPhone. Download CopyTrans Contacts - a tiny computer application which allows import of contacts from PC to iPhone 7) Run CopyTrans Contacts and connect the iPhone 8) Click on "Import contacts" 9) Browse to the folder where the BlackBerry contacts are saved, select them and click on "Open" 10) That's it! All BlackBerry contacts are now on the iPhone.

How do you copy your sim card contacts to your new blackberry?

You would have to sync your contacts from your PC to your Blackberry desktop.

How do you export gmail contacts to Microsoft Word?

You can use the import/export wizard to import your contacts. You just open the wizard and choose the file that contains your contacts and choose to export it.

Export blackberry address book to sd card?

no i cant seem to find an easy way yet. only thing i can find so far is to use blackberry desktop manager (or your phones deskptop software) to export contacts to your computer, them copy it to an sd card. i was looking more for a way to do it solely on the phone itself, since my blackberry has a sim card and an SD card.

How do you unwipe your blackberry to get back contacts?

One must first connect their Blackberry to a computer. Once connected look for the backup and restore files. Hit the restore button. This should restore all files on the blackberry.

How do you export contacts from ipod?


How do I export contacts from iPhone 3g to your PC?

To export your contacts to your computer, all you need to do is -1. plug in your iphone2. go onto itunes3. click on your iphone4. go to the contacts tab and select export contactsNotice: In the new versions of iTunes you have to go to the tab called "info" and to select a service to sync with. You can synchronize your iPhone contacts with Outlook, Google, Windows Contacts or Yahoo!If you simply want to export your iPhone contacts to the PC you will have to use third party apps like CopyTrans Contacts (link below).

How do you Remove contacts from Motorola v60?

how do you easly export contacts from this phone

How do you transfer blackberry contacts to Nokia?


How do you transfer contacts from Blackberry 7290 to Blackberry 8900?

Bring it to your service providers store and they will do it for free

How do you transfer contacts from laptop to blackberry bold 9900?

The easiest way - would be with a suitable USB cable. Connect the Blackberry tothe computer - It should recognise the phone as 'an external mass-storage device'. Then - simply brows the phone as you would if it was a disk-drive, and just drag & drop the contacts (or copy & paste) to the place you want to keep them on your computer.

How do you import blackberry address book to Outlook Express?

There may be a way to do this with the Blackberry Desktop software but I do it this way: Create a Google gmail acount with your desktop computer containing your outlook address book. (You don't have to use it. It will be just to maintain the contact list) From Oulook Express choose File>Export>Address Book. Choose the .csv file option. Now log into gmail and go to Contacts. Click on Import and supply the directory and filename that you created above. Now all of your contacts are in gmail You can add or remove extraneous contacts manually using the gmail interface if you desire. Next go to and send the download link for Google Sync to your BlackBerry's phone number. Then just run a synchronization and all of your Outlook contacts will be in you blackberry. You can edit add or delete contacts in the gmail account and resync at any time. Your blackberry calendar will also sync with the gmail account too.

How do you copy Outlook Contacts for use on another PC?

You have to export the Outlook contacts for use. You can export to make a file and then import that file on other outlook.

How do you export Hotmail contacts in vCard format?

Hotmail uses the CSV format so it is easy to export contacts to a vCard file. If you use a Windows Live ID, your contacts will automatically sync. If you are using a POP3 server, it is recommended that you use a free program such as Windows Easy Transfer, which will export your contacts all at one time. Because Hotmail uses CSV, you can export all your contacts at one time instead of dealing with them individually.

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