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approach your program director for extension, once its approved, you are eligible for extention with new DS-2019 pramod

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Q: How do you extend a J-1 visa from 1 to 2 years?
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How can you extend a J1 au pair visa for one more year?

You are unable to extend your J-1 Au Pair Visa. If decide to participate in an au pair extension program (6, 9 or 12 months) you are able to return to your home country to obtain a NEW J-1 au pair visa. This application needs to be done before your first year visa has expired. While it is possible to apply for a new J-1 Visa back in your home country, there is no guarantee that the visa will be granted. If your second visa is denied, you will not be able to return to the USA.

Can i get a visa for Australia after the age of 30?

You have to be maximum 30 years of age when you arrive in australia. then can you stay there for 1 year on the work and holiday visa. otherwise you need a diffrent visa

Types of visa?

there are four types of visa 1. immigrant visa 2. visitors visa 3. student visa 4. employers visa

If you have Italian asylum papers you need a visa for dublin?

iF YOU have the italian assylum papers for 5 years so you dont need visa to visit ierland but if you have the 3 years permesso di soggiorno or 1 year then you need a visa infact i have also the same documents lol

What does a v-1 visa mean?

V visa is issued to those who are waiting to get their immigration visas approved. V-1 visa is for the spouse of a Legal permanent resident for whom an immigrant visa petition was filed with the USCIS on or before Dec 21, 2001. Also it has been three years since the filing of that petition.

Where extend turist visa in US?

Form I-539 can be used to change visa category or extend period of stay. For each person included in the Form I-539 application the front and back copy or original Form I-94 non-immigrant arrival or departure record should be submitted with the required fee along with the application. Otherwise Form I-102 application for replacement/initial non immigrant arrival/departure document can be submitted along with the application and filing fee. This applies for visas of business visa B-1, tourist visa B-2 and vocational student M-1 category.

How many years did it take for the Central Pacific railroad to extend beyond the California border?

1 year

In South Korea does F2 visa entitle holder to work part time legally?

No. The f2 visa wil let you live in Korea for up to three years. You need to get an f2-1 visa if you want to work legally.

What IM-1 Canada visa?

I want to know about IM-1 canada visa. Is this immigration visa and if i get that what would be prcedure to enter in canda??

How long to approve a k-1 visa?

k-1 visa takes 3-6 months.More About K-1 visa:

How do you convert a J-1 visa to an H1 visa in the US?

First of all, you have to make sure there is no "subject to 2 years" condition on your J-1 visa. This condition applies when you are on program that sponsored by either US government or government of your country. If there is no condition applies, you need to find US employer who is willing to hire you and sponsor your employment visa. The employer will be the one who processes the visa application for you. You cannot convert J-1 to H1, you need to return to your country to get visa stamped in your passport.

What is the average time to get a k1 visa?

What is the coast for k-1 visa

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