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You can marry him. But that doesn't make it legal and he can be deported. And have to wait a year or more to apply for another visa. It could be a very short honeymoon!

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Q: Can you marry a man from Czechoslovakia who came here on a student visa which has now expired?
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Can you marry an illegal immigrant that came into the US legally on a student visa but stayed in the country and there visa expired?

Yes you can. And once you marry the person becomes legal

If someone came here on a visa and is still here but the visa is expired how much trouble could they be into if its been expired for 3 years now?

Deportation or up to 5 years in jail plus $5000 fine. depends on the judge's mood. or you could marry an American

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Can you marry an illegal alien who came here legally?

First of all If they are legal they can't be illegal. Second, you can marry anyone you choose to.

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Your husband has been here for 8 years he came here legally but his papers have expired you have been married for 5 years now is there anything you can do now?

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Can you marry an illegal immigrant that has been deported and came back to the us illegally?

You can marry the person, but that doesn't mean they can stay in the country. They are still illegal.

Can a person with an expired B2 visa for up to 7 years marry to a US citizen without leaving the US?

Yes. Because you came into the u.s. legally that will help you when you get married. then your spouse has to file petition I-130, green card application and work permit. Please talk to a lawyer they will help explain the process.

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