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How do you feed liquids to a baby mouse?


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You should allow the mouse to suck or lick them off the end of eye dropper. Do not force the liquid. It may also suck them off the end of you )clean) finger or suck it out of the end of (clean) soaked cotton.


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They feed by drinking milk from their mother.

it depends what type of mouse it is

The mother mouse does!

umm a baby mouse should be fed by its mom till it is done nursing

You don't. Cow milk is not good for a baby mouse. You can buy kitten or puppy formula and feed it to the mouse with a syringe. Call your local pet store and ask what they recommend.

Yes, but only mouse formula or baby rabbit formula, you must also have an eye dropper.

Fill a pipette with baby soy milk formula (or kitten milk) and feed it to the baby mouse every 1-2 hours

soy milk, or you can just feed it regular milk your choice.

No you can not touch a newborn baby mouse tomuch unless the eyes are open P.S feed a baby abandond mouse condensed milk worm up in microwave for 8 seconds and use sorinj

Baby mice feed on their mothers milk, but as they start ageing, they start to eat oats, seeds, nuts and wheat.

well i have a baby jumping mouse and he hasn't opened his eyes yet and i wet a piece of paper towel and put a tiny bit of food at a time on the end because their mums tongue would of been wet so that's how I feed my baby jumping mouse see if what I do works.

What you normally feed it, you may want to add in some fruits, veggies and yogurt also.

no it is better to feed it baby mice.Because without any bones to eat it will those calcium. A mouse has all the right nutrients for your baby Corn.

It is best to feed an abandoned baby mouse regular or kitten/puppy milk mix diluted in water. Once it has opened its eyes it is ok to start giving it bits of solid foods like cheese, or specialized mouse food. It is best to feed an abandoned baby mouse regular or kitten/puppy milk mix diluted in water. Once it has opened its eyes it is ok to start giving it bits of solid foods like cheese, or specialized mouse food.

So if you mouse have baby like my your mouse it can have about 5 to10 baby my mouse have 5 she diet .So the baby didn't have a mum so 4 baby mouse diet I just have one baby mouse and a boy mouse to the boy mouse is the baby dad so here your same tip Tip1: If your baby mouse mum diet the baby we live sametime one of my baby mouse live your baby mouse have to have there mum milk but if the mum diet you can get them puppy milk or the cat milk have to feed them the milk every 2hour Tip2:you can hold them if the mum is diet why if you hold a newborn mouse and the mum is not diet shewill eat the baby so do not hold them Tip3:at night I have to look a my baby mouse every 3min .why because the baby get to cool Tip4:the baby mouse will sleep a lot.why because if it do not have much sleep it can diet so . Tip:they can have food but the baby eye have to be open and they have to walk a bit

I dont really know if you dont tell me if its a baby or adult. If its adult - feed it seeds, apples, salad and bugs if you can. If its a baby - talk to a veterinarian IMMIDIATELY.

You should feed baby mice baby cat and also you can dip bread in it and feed them if they start o grow hair!Mr and my sister have 4 baby mice and they are eat at the same time.

Almost every hour. Or else the baby will be hydrated and die.

Milk baby mice prefer mothers milk witch is body temp.

You feed the owl the robotic mouse that is in the castle

i found a baby mouse under my couch and my mom told me to put it outside but i couldn't let it freeze to death so i went back out and got it and i don't know whatto feed it i am taking it to school yo give to my scienvce teacher so he can keep it.

I am not certain how old is a 'baby' field mouse. They like greens and can forage. A nursling would likely not survive without its mother. You could feed a nursling with a dropper and some baby food, perhaps.

i would not recommended giving baby mice milk if its processed or comes from a store only if it naturally comes from the baby mouses mother

It will get sick and die. Use ESBILAC, you'll find it in a drugstore.

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