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A 2 week old mouse is still considered a baby - however properly determining the age of a mouse is easy. If the mouse has hair it can usually feed itself. Place food on the floor of the cage to allow easy access. Offer both hard, and soft food (soak hard food in water to make it soft) also keep food in the cage at all times along with water. If the mouse can not eat on its own get some kitten milk from a petstore, warm small portions of it and try feeding it with a dropper usually if they are over a week old they can lick the milk, try place a very small ammount of the milk in the cage be sure its not enough for it to drown! Make a nest for the mouse by tearing a dry papertowl up and placing it in the cage in a pile so the mouse can burrow and stay warm and feel safe.

AnswerA few days ago we got an orphan mouse. We feed the mouse every 2 hours with cow's milk and we warmed it with deluded water and fed it with a medicine dropper. That was our last resort because every pet store was closed. We finally got to a pet store that opened and got kitten formula. We drop the milk on our hands and the mouse licks it up. The mouse has no fur yet and it's eyes are shut. It's very spunky, and it loves snuggling into my hands. When we are not holding her in our hands, we put her in a shoe box with socks and toilet paper. We also have a light over her, but we leave a shady spot...just incase she gets too warm. Hope this helped!!!


If you are sure that it is two weeks old, feed it seeds. I took care of a two week old mouse, and I feed it seeds. It would be about the time that the mother would be feeding it seeds.

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Q: How do you feed two-week-old mice with no mother?
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What do you feed baby mice?

You shouldn't separate the mother and the mice. Leave them in the same cage or container. If the mother doesn't feed the baby mice, then you can feed it milk with an eye dropper.

How can you feed baby mice?

The mother mouse does!

How does mother mouse feed babies?

Being that mice are mammals, the mother feeds its young with the milk it produces.

What do baby mice eat?

Mice are mammals---their mother breastfeeds them. feed them paured down milk warm witha bit of water in it.

How long do baby mice feed from their mother?

2-3 weeks sometimes longer

You caught wild mice and in 1 night they had babies and the mother has escaped what do you do how can you feed them?

It is very hard to keep baby mice from dieing when the mother is not there. You need to feed them a substitute milk every 2 hours with an eyedropper. You need to keep them warm too. GOOD LUCK.

How do you feed one day old mice with no mom?

It is very unlikely that such young mice will survive without their mother to feed them milk and to groom and care for them. To prevent them suffering it may be advisable to take them to a vet for advice as to what to do with them.

What is the relationship to Mice feed on acorns owls feed on mice?

Food Chain

How do you take care of 4 baby mice with no mother?

always have them in a warm area and feed them powdered milk.

What do you feed new born mice?

Consult a vet, but in the mean time let the mother take care of them

Can you feed regular milk to baby mice?

can you feed regular milk to a baby mice?

What does the Mother eagle feed her eaglets?

bugs, mice, small birds like sparrows, snakes. :)

Your work found a whole lot of new born mice with no hair and eyes shut what do you feed them?

They need milk from their mother.

If you put baby mice with the mother will she feed them?

Yes. If they are young enough to require milk. If older,weaned, they can eat for themselves.

What is the diet for baby mice?

While baby mice are young and are babies dont feed them that is the mothers job but if there is no mother, try to give them blended fruits and vegies or any other milk.

What do new born mice eat?

Newborn mice drink milk from the mother's mammary glands until they are old enough to feed by themselves. Mice are weaned at 21 days old. When they get close to this age, they will begin to eat solid food.

Can you feed your mice cabbage?


What do you feed baby gray rat snake?

you can feed it either large grasshoppers or newly born mice... pinkie mice

How do you feed baby mice?

Their mother breast-feeds them until they are old enough to eat food on their own (3-4 weeks).

Are mice producers?

Mice are consumers be cause they feed off plants!!!!!!!

Can you put wild baby mice in with older pet mice sndwill the mother feed them?

She probabley would if she had another litter of her own about the same age. If she did not have a litter she would not produse milk for the wild babies.

What do baby mice eat when their eyes are closed?

Before baby mice open their eyes, they're too young to be weaned. The mother mouse will feed them milk. If the babies don't have a mother or have been abandoned, they'll need to be fostered or hand-fed, or they won't survive.

Can you feed mice dog food?

Yes you can, mice will eat anything,it will not harm them

How do mice get their food?

you feed them or they find it

Can you feed pet mice carrots?


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