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By eating

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Q: How do you feel better when your on your period?
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Does chocolate make you feel better when your on your period?


How to make yourself feel better when you have period?

When you are having your periods, you can feel better by staying positive all day long.

What food makes your period lighter?

hello, to make your period lighter, you might aswell eat healthy foods. fruits and vegetables make it a lot better for your period, and you'll feel much better about yourself.

Can vaginal bleeding feel like a period?

That is a period.

Why do you feel better after vomiting?

you feel better because you have let it all out

When was I Feel Better created?

I Feel Better was created in 2008-09.

Is it bad to smoke marijuana while on your period?

i never had a problem with smoking marijuana on my helped me feel better. My blood flow was normal and the length was normal. so in my experience it doesnt matter.

Does walking or jogging stop your period from coming or will it make it shorter and lighter?

You will generally feel better, particularly if you are prone to cramps. Other than that, stopping or reducing the time of your period is not an effect of exercise.

You do not feel anything but have not got your period?

No, you don't feel. If you have it soon then you will.

Is it normal to feel sexually aroused during my period?

It is normal to feel like you want to have sex on your period. A woman's hormones are going wild when on their period.

Misconception on psychology?

its about how you feel and how you can feel better.

How do you deal with period cramps?

Even if you might not feel like it but taking a walk, exercise, actually make it feel better and a warm blanket can work.If you however have it really bad only medicine work.

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