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Most people feel just fine, however many do experience a bit of pain from now and then. But usualy people don't even feel their first period, and you may experience cramps every once in a while. (I'm 11, and I just got my period and I didn't feel a thing) It was during school, in Mrs. Debryker's fith grade class, in richmnd, Virginia (not saying what school) and i just asked to go to the bathroom and she said yes so, i went to my backpack got my emergency kit then went to the bathroom. I felt like it was kinda like discharge, but i eventualy felt pain so then just did what i did and i saw blood in my panties then just changed then put in a pad. So what im saying you usually dont feel anything. Hope this helped..... sorry bout' my long period story.

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โˆ™ 2012-05-12 21:01:51
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Q: How do you feel when you have period?
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