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Your best bet is to go to Acme Transformer on the web and once you are on their web page select how do I rate a transformer, they have everything single phase 3 phase step up step down.

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Q: How do you figure out maximum current of a 240V transformer circuit?
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What is the incoming voltage from the current source to the transformer?

you should figure it out yourslf dumb a$$

Why is transformer used after rectifier circuit?

A transformer is used before rectification, and is to change the voltage to a suitable figure (usually a lower one than he mains supply).

How to calculate short circuit protection for transformer?

don't overload it, have a look on the transformer their should be an input voltage and an output voltage if take fails just try and see if u can overload it when you do try and figure out the voltage and get a new transformer;)!!!!!

What is the secondary amps of 315kva transformer?

The secondary current is determined by the load, not by the transformer. But the load current mustn't continuously exceed the rated current of the secondary winding. To determine the secondary rated current, you need to know the rated secondary voltage of the transformer, and divide 315 kV.A by this figure.Incidentally, the correct symbol for 'kilovolt ampere' is 'kV.A', not 'kva'.

How do you figure out how much current is in an electrical wire?

If you know the voltage and resistance, then current = voltage divided by resistance. Otherwise, you can attach an ammeter into the circuit (in series).

How do you figure voltage in an AC circuit?

If you are referring to voltage drops in a series a.c. circuit, then you simply multiply the current through each impedance by the value of the individual impedances.

How do you calculate minimum clock period in a digital circuit?

If you have the Maximum clock frequency, then you can figure out the minimum clock period using this formula: 1/(minimum clock period) = (Maximum clock frequency).

How do you determine the resistance of a circuit?

If total voltage and current are known then, Rt = Vt/It will figure total resistance.If total power and total voltage are known then Rt = Vt2/Pt will figure total resistance.If total power and total current are known then Rt = Pt/It2 will figure total resistance.If the total current or voltage and power of all the components in the circuit are known then add all the power values to get Pt, and then you can use either Rt = Vt2/Pt or Rt = Pt/It2 to figure total resistance.

What is external resistance?

External voltage is the ration when there is an increase in current and voltage. If you apply voltage to the outside of a circuit and need to figure out the amount of current flow, that would be the external resistance.

How do you figure current in parallel series circuit?

An indispensable first step would have to be to find a clear definition of what is meant by a "parallel series circuit", as no such configuration is taken up in standard engineering texts.

Why can a PNP transistor be used as a power amplifier if it is connected into a circuit in a manner such as that shown in the book Electricity and Electronics Figure 52?

The outout current will be less / much smaller than input current.

What is the relation of Figure of merit with current sensitivity?

Figure of merit = 1/ Current Sensitivity.

How is Ohm's Law used?

Ohm's Law relates Voltage, Current, and Resistance. The equation is Voltage = Current times Resistance. Knowing any two, you can figure out the third, and that is one of the principles of basic circuit analysis.

Conversion of RMS CURRENT to peak current?

In an AC circuit the voltage and current are n the form of a sine wave that goes between a maximum and minimum value 60 times a second. Measuring the difference between these values is a peak-to-peak measurement. Root Mean Square (RMS) computes an average (mean). To convert RMS to peak, multiply the RMS figure by 1.41. 1.41 is an approximation of the value of the square root of 2.

How do you define the amperage on a single phase 75kva transformer?

please show me how to figure it out.

On a 15 amp circuit how many lamps can you have and do you just add up the wattage of the bulbs to get the proper wattage for that circuit?

Add up the bulbs and you will have the total wattage for that circuit. Let's say it is a typical 120Vac household circuit. 15 amps is the maximum that circuit will handle. Current (amps) is calculated by: I = Power (wattage) / Volts, so for example: I = (10) 100 watt light bulbs / 120 Current = 1000/120 = 8.3 amps, You are safe, In reverse, to figure out how many bulbs you can have: Multiply the bulb wattage by the number of bulbs you have (on an individual crkt). This cannot exceed 1800. 1800 is the total wattage allowed for a 15 amp, 120V circuit. The same is true for any device used on a circuit. Toaster, radio, etc. The wattages will be listed on the device. Is your circuit a temporary "work site" type bulb stringer?

How do you figure out the voltage drop?

A voltage drop is the difference in potential between opposite ends of an electrical component when current is flowing through that component. In a d.c. circuit, this is the product of the component's resistance and the value of the current passing through it.

In what Maximum Ride book do you figure out Fangs powers?

in max a maximum ride novel

What is the surface maximum temperature of Pluto?

Figure it out yourself.

Why you use oil in transformer not water?

Oil or similar is used as a cooling fluid in electrical transformer, because it is electrically insulating - which water is not. The figure of merit is the lack of conductivity.

Current budget figure in Pakistan?

What is the budget figure of Pakistan in 2009?

How to figure out ampreage in a circuit?

For a d.c. circuit, you divide its supply voltage by the resistance of its load. For an a.c. circuit, you divide its supply voltage by the impedance of its load.

What is the maximum value of noise figure?

Noise figure is one of those cases that is crucial, and that calls for experienced care about

A figure is made from 8 unit blocks it is 3 units tall what is the maximum length the figure could be?

its 6

How many 8.5 watt bulbs will a 15 amp. fuse take?

The equation that you are looking for is W = I x E. Watts = Amps x Volts.. As you can see if no voltage is given the question can not be answered. Once you supply the voltage and multiply it by the maximum amperage you stated, the results will be maximum wattage. Divide this figure by 8.5 and you will find the maximum number of lamps that you can add to this circuit.