How do you filter rf signals that distort television reception from a rooftop antenna?

There are a number of steps that you can take to prevent this distortion from occuring. But in order for you to know what to do, you should specify a few things, first:

a) Do you have an antenna signal amplifier?

b) Is it just one or two channels being affected, or is it all of your channels being affected?

c) What channels and ranges does your antenna receive?

d) What sort of distortion is it? Are adjacent channels bleeding into this one? Are there horizontal streaks and lines appearing? Or is it just an entire screen filled with noise? If all of your channels are affected or wiped out and you have an antenna signal amplifier, it may be that your amplifier's transmitted signal is too strong.

Also, it could be interference from an adjacent channel or the FM band. In this case, you may need a bandpass or a bandstop filter.

To get a bandpass or bandstop filter, you should probably turn to an electronics provider like Tin Lee Electronics ( You can also contact them about your problem and they should be able to help you solve it. In any case, if you could specify the above information, it would be much easier to find an answer to your problem.