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Contact an insurance broker who can spend the time to understand the risks your business generates, then helps you understand what policies are available to cover those risks.

Almost all brokers write general liability for businesses but it isn't a bad idea to seek out a specialist if you have a unique or high risk business you are seeking coverage for.

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Q: How do you find Commercial Liability providers?
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Where can one find an objective price comparison for motorcycle liability insurance providers?

There are several places where one can find objective price comparisons for motorcycle liability insurance providers. Netquote compares several insurance providers online. One might also talk to several local insurance dealers because they might have ideas for saving money.

Does Foreign Commercial General Liability include Foreign Business Auto Liability?

It can be, but it just depends on the extent of coverage you purchase. Commercial Auto is not automatically included with Commercial General Liability. If you purchase the Commercial Auto coverage along with the Commercial Liability then you will have the coverage. If you purchase only the commercial General Liability then you won't have coverage for commercial auto.

Where can one find commercial liability insurance online?

One can find commercial liability insurance on most insurance company websites. One would have to visit company sites such as All State, State Farm or Nation Wide insurance to find what works for them.

Where can my friend find a company that offers garage liability insurance for his dealership?

A person can find garage liability insurance through their business insurance provider. There are usually several insurance providers that specialize in small businesses.

What does commercial general liability insurance cover regarding contents liability?

The commercial general liability policy provides coverage for liability not contents. If you only have the CGL then there is no contents coverage. Commercial policies are generally put together by adding different policies as needed for particular coverages. There are many different commercial policies that you can combine to become your complete commercial insurance coverage. Discounts are given for combining the policies. Some of the commercial policies available are commercial general liability, commercial auto, commercial property, commercial boiler and machinery, commercial property floaters, and many more to customize the coverages needed.

Difference in comprehensive general liability and commercial general liability?

who is the insured under a general liability policy

Which types of commercial Internet service providers are the most widely used?

The most widely used commercial Internet service providers are national and wireless providers.

What type of liability states that anyone who serves or provides liquor?


Where can I find commercial refrigeration supplies?

Two websites where commercial refrigeration supplies can be found are and You may want to check your local yellowpages for local providers.

How is general liability insurance different from comprehensive general liability insurance?

General Liability Insurance is just a form of Liability in the commercial sector. There is a difference in coverages offered in Personal Lines as opposed to commercial or business lines. A broader scope of coverage is needed if you are involved in a commercial (business) venture.

Where can you find business insurance for vehicles?

One can find business insurance for vehicles or commercial auto insurance at a variety of insurance providers. Some of the companies that offer commercial auto insurance include Progressive and Allstate.

Does a commercial general liability policy also provide excess vehicular liability coverage beyond the coverage in the driver's separate mva policy?

No. A commercial liability policy specifically excludes liability arising out of the ownership, maintenance or use of a motor vehicle.

What does the LLC stand for after a dental care providers name?

limited liability company

What Is a professional liability of healthcare providers in the delivery of care to patients?

medical malpractice

Where can one find ecommerce providers?

One can find ecommerce providers in online lists containing names of ecommerce providers. In addition, one can find ecommerce providers in the yellow book.

What types of insurances does Highpoint Insurance offer?

The Highpoint Insurance group offers commercial insurance. Their specific offers are Commercial Property, General Liability, Workers Comp, Commercial Auto, and Management Liability.

Does State Farm offer commercial liability insurance?

Yes, according to StateFarm's website, they do offer commercial liability insurance for work vehicles.

What is the Republic act 8792 about?

From the website: 'This Law recognizes use of electronic commercial and non-commercial transactions and electronic signature; prescribes penalties for piracy of protected materials through the use of telecommunication networks and for hacking of computer programs; and prescribes grounds for liability of service providers'.

How do I get general liability insurance?

Compare general liability insurance quotes from multiple providers. Learn about liability insurance in our free buyers' guides to business insurance.Hiscox specializes in general liability insurance for businesses with 10 employees or less.

what is the first commercial bank of limited liability managed by Indians?

oudh commercial bank

You are starting a residential cleaning business Should you get general liability insurance or professional liability insurance?

You need a commercial general liability policy.

Did commercial general liability insurance replace comprehensive general liability insurance?

There is no such thing as a "comprehensive" general liability policy. It is "commercial" to differentiate it from personal-lines coverage. It is commercial general liability policy, or CGL; a generally standard group of coverages, exclusions, limits. This is different than a manafest policy where commercial coverages are added in a customized fashion. A comprehensive policy would be one where a business owner (BOP) might purchase with a pre-set group of coverages, exclusions, and limits. Thanks Actually, the term "Comprehensive General Liability" was replaced in 1986 with the term "Commercial General Liability." They are essentially the same policies.

Are free quotes available for commercial liability insurance?

"Yes, there are several companies that offer free quotes for commercial liability insurance.Liberty Mutual is one of the largest companies to offer free quotes for commercial insurance."

What are the benefits of a commercial liability umbrella insurance?

Commercial liability umbrella insurance has many benefits to the company. The liability umbrella insurance is pretty inexpensive compared to other coverage policies. It also provides better protection and coverage.

In the Commercial General liability what liability exposures has its own aggregate that is separate from the general aggregate?

Premises and operations.

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