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if you need to find tdc than put a screwdriver in the #1 cylinder hole and turn over by hand until the screwdriver is about to go down or up,you will find the spot in the crankshaft were you can turn it slightly and the screwdriver will go up a bit or down.

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Q: How do you find TDC on a Cavalier?
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Actually the 96 cavalier i just rebuilt for a guy has an Over head valve engine in it meaning it has a cam inside the block with lifters and pushrods running up to the rockers up top.To start off make sure your engine is set to TDC #1 cylinder adjust the rocker nuts to 0 lash then 1/4 turn to tighten .Then put engine on TDC #3 do the same thing . Then cylinder #4 TDC . Then #2 TDC. Once you have done this on all 4 cylinders install the valve cover and it should fire right up. to do so you will have to remove the valve cover on the top of the engine. it would be a good idea to go to a parts store and purchase a repair manuel for your car if you have never done this type of work.

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Use a welding rod or similar screw out spark plug put welding rod inside were the plug was and turn over the engine by hand until the rod reaches the top you are now at tdc