How do you find The Great Wall of China site?

There is no one site for the Great Wall of China. The wall is, by some estimates, over 3,000 miles long. It is so long, you can see it from space. One of the most popular sites for the Great Wall is in Badaling, near Beijing. This section of the wall has been rebuilt and many tourists visit Badaling. There is even a Starbucks at the entrance to the Great Wall at Badaling. You can take a ski lift to the wall at the top of a mountain in Badaling, or you can walk along the top of the wall until you reach the peak of the same mountain. The walkway along the top of the wall is quite steep in some places, level in others. You can buy t-shirts and other souvenirs at the bottom of the wall in Badaling.

Some parts of the whole Great Wall (not in Badaling) are little more than dirt piled into a wall. Other parts are composed of individual blocks. Some parts have trees growing into the wall, and other parts are badly crumbled. There are rumors that, when the builders of the Great Wall died while building the wall, their bodies were buried inside the wall. Some people think the ghosts of those builders haunt the Great Wall.

In Beijing, many people will try to sell you a tourist package to see the Great Wall. You can visit the rebuilt site of Badaling by bus. Other packages take you to the older, broken down pieces of the Great Wall. The bus trip from Beijing to Badaling is approximately two hours.