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How do you find a VIN on a 1979 Trans Am?

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the vin should be on the dash board drivers side next to the windshield if not there look on the firewall drivers side there should be a cawl plate

2008-04-22 01:21:29
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How do you find out if a 1986 trans am is 1 of 26 made?

Find out what vin numbers correspond to the rare type of trans am you're looking for (you're implying there were only 26 made) and compare your vin number to it.

Where do you find vin on a 1979 avco motorhome?


Where do you find the VIN for a 1979 Toyota hiace?

... VIN Plate Location: Driver Side Front Floor:

Where to you find the VIN on a motor of a 2000 Saturn sl2?

It might be hard to see. It is located by where the ignition coil pack mounts. The trans VIN and engine vin are ajacent to each other. I think is the last 8 or nine of the VIN. If it says RDOT, it is a replacement engine.

Why is a 1979 firebird taillight different then a 1979 trans am?

The taillight of a 1979 Firebird is different from that of a 1979 Trans Am because several different models were made that year. This was to present the complete overhaul to the Trans Am that the company did that year.

Where can I find a wiring diagram for a 1979 Trans Am to find the hot wire color?

red is usually the hot wire.

Where can you find a power window wiring diagram for a 1977-1979 Pontiac Trans Am?

You can find a power window wiring diagram for your 1977 through 1979 Pontiac Trans Am in Pontiac service manuals. The service manuals can be found at most local libraries.

Wiring diagram for 1979 trans am tach?

Tachometer Filter Tach Wire Plug Connector ON A 1979 TRANS AM

Where do you find the VIN on a 1979 F-150?

On drivers door . also on the dash, look through the windshield.

Can a 1979 firebird taillight fit a 1979 trans am?

Yes, a 1979 Firebird tail light will fit a 1979 Trans Am. There are also restoration services if you have the tail lights and they just need to be repaired.

When was JK Narva Trans created?

JK Narva Trans was created in 1979.

Where do you find the vin on a boat motor?

where do you find the vin on a boat

Where can you find the color code for the exterior paint on a 1995 Pontiac trans am?

It is on the accessory sticker. Call your delaer parts store. They can also get it by your VIN ## (have it ready).

Most popular car of 1979?

Trans Am

Where can you find out a chassis number of a car with the registration number?

do you mean the chassis no. or the vin no.? you can find the chassis no. with the vin. but not with the you can find the vin. with the

How do you a vin check on a 1979 Cadillac?

VIN should be drivers side dash look thru winshield to read it.

Where do you find the VIN for a 1979 Toyota Land Cruiser?

Well, technically your Land Cruiser doesn't have a VIN, because VINs were not really mandated until around 1980. What you have is Toyota's own specific identification code. A real VIN has 17 alpha-numeric characters.

How many 1979 Pontiac turbo trans am's were made?

turbo trans am came out in 81

What is Gerard way's car?

1979 Pontiac Trans Am

Best selling car in 1979?

firebird trans am

Can I put a ls1 engine in a 1979 Trans Am?


What year is the Trans am from smokey and the bandit?

1977 1979

Location of oil sensor for 1979 trans am?

Which engine????????????

Where are the hidden vin locations for a 1996 Jayco pop up camper?

where are hidden vin numbers for 1979 jayco camper

How many quarts of trans fluid goes in a 1979 Trans Am 350 transmission?

9-11 quarts