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Consider checking with a breed rescue first. A simple internet search will generally turn up the web page for the national rescue club for any popular breed. Just type in the name of the breed and the word "rescue."

To find a local breeder, contact your local kennel club, or check with the American Kennel Club. Your veterinarian or pet store may also be able to direct you to a breeder.

Be cautious of breeders who breed more than one breed. These breeders are often really puppy mills. Look for a breeder who earns titles for her dogs and does genetic testing of her breeding stock, such as OFA x-rays for hip dysplasia, CERF testing for eye problems, BAER testing for hearing problems, blood tests for thyroid function, or other conditions known to be common in a specific breed.

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How much a puppy cost?

It all depends on what dog you buy for example the worlds most expensive dog breed the Samoyed can cost $3000 dollars and depending on what breeder you buy from and whether the dog is a full breed it will probably cost $800 to $1000 from a proper breeder but you can look around and find the same dog for $300 from a backyard breeder.

How do you know what kind of dog you have?

Either by searching by breed on or Googling it. There are so many breeds that it may take a while to find. If you have a mix breed, you will have to contact the breeder to find out who the parents of your dog were.

How much cost is Akita dog breed?

It depends on what breeder you get it from.

How do find out the breed of your dog?

AnswerYou take him/her to a breeder and they will give you the anwser. Of you find out who is mom and dad are. AnswerI don't think there's really any way you can know for sure, unless you bought your purebred dog 'with papers' from an AKC registered breeder. For mixed breeds, you can ask your vet and he/she will give their best guess, based on your dog's appearance. If you bought your dog from the breeder, you can ask the breed of the mother, and if they have any idea the breed of the father. Unless the mother is purebred, they're unlikely to know.AnswerTo find a breed, you can go to a local library or bookstore and check out a book on pet breeds. There you can find pictures that can help you match up your dog even if it is a mixed breed. AnswerAlso check out Its site dedicated to helping people figure your breedANSWERYou can get a DNA test to find the breed. I think you get this done at a vet.

How many offspring can a dog produce in six years?

It depends on the breed of dog. Please be a responsible breeder and breed to improve the quality of the breed instead of just for money.

How can you find a free wolf dog?

try craigslist or some breeder give away the old dogs that cant breed anymore

What kind of dog is the best to breed?

Whatever dogs the breeder knows best about.

Can you breed a dog on its second heat?

Depending on the dog's age you can breed. A responsible breeder would only breed when the dog is, at least, one and a half years old. It is recommended that you breed when the dog is on the heat closest to its second birthday.

How do you find out your dog's mother?

You check with your Breeder. This is why it is good to purchase your dog from an ethical breeder, not a backyard puppy breeder either. You can find out if she was OFA certified hips and elbows from the AKC papers but as far as personality, etc. you would check from your ethical breeder. An ethical breeder would only breed to improve the breed and her breeding stock would be of sound mind and body and checked for hip, elbow dysplasia, heart problems, eye problems, etc.

Do you need a dog breeder professional to breed your dog?

youcan if you want to but you don't have. I'm only 11 and I know this

Salary of a dog breeder?

the salary of a dog breeder depends on what type of breed the dogs are and the price range and if the dogs have papers if not the price would have to be half price and how many puppies are

Can you get a dog of breed and show quality without breeding?

Yes, you can purchase a breeding-quality or show-quality dog from a responsible breeder -- you do not need to breed it yourself.

How old is the Chihuahua breed?

The only way to be 100% sure if your dog is pure breed is if it has papers, or if the dog breeder can show that both the parents were the same breed. Actually you can have a purebred chi without it being papered. You can also go to a pet vet or pet store to find out if is a pure breed.

How can you trust a dog breeder?

Find other people that aprove a dog breeder. It's that simple. And you don't have to do any work.

How do you find dog breeder to breed your dog with?

You could try searching online. For dog breeders! Also try the local paper or any local veterinarian office. I sure hope that you are looking for a dog to breed with yours. I think if you are looking for the other interpretation that's probably illegal.

How do i get my dog bred?

A dog breeder or call a dog breeder

Where can one find a dog breeder?

One may find a warm hearten dog breeder by simply asking for them to buy their dog for money. Good dog breeders usually do not sell their dog right away to a person with cash.

You found a dog but you dont know what breed he is how can you find out?

There isn't really any way. Maybe the vet can help. Ther arent certain characteristics about each breed of dog.

What to do with a dog in heat without a mate?

Are you a breeder? If so, find him a female dog.

Where can you get a havanese dog?

You may be able to get a Havanese dog through the National Havanese Rescue. A Havanese breeder is another option for obtaining this breed of dog.

A dog breeder can determine that the sudden appearance of hairlessness in one of the puppies is a mutation if the dog?

Is breed and trait is capable of being injerited

How can you breed a dog?

Look at the link below to find out how to breed a dog!

What is the best way to find a breeder who has pug puppies?

If you want to find a breeder who has pug puppies it is always a good idea to look for a breeder who belongs to the Pug Dog Club of America. This way you can usually be sure that the puppies don't have any health issues and that the breeder is committed to the breed. There are also other local breed clubs which can help you find a reputable pug breeder. The first step should therefore be to visit the website of one of these clubs and look for breeders in your neighborhood. Normally you should find a telephone number or email address on any club homepage where you can contact with questions.

How can you use bred in a sentence?

The dog breeder bred bit bulls. I have bred dogs all my life. When a person has bred dogs, it often means they breed exclusively for a certain blood line.

How many puppies dose a dog have?

Well it depends on the breed of dog... smaller dogs may have 4 or 5 larger dogs may have up to a dozen! But if you want an extremely acurate answer go to your breeder and find out some more information on the breed! signed MLP222