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How do you find a dns server address?

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AnswerIf you are using a PC, click the start button. Select the run command. Type CMD into the box and press enter. When the black box pops up type the following line in

ipconfig /all

Look through the data to see what your DNS address is.

If you are using a Mac. Go to the System Preferences. Click on the Network Icon Double Click on the Ethernet icon if you have an ethernet cable plugged in (Looks like a wide phone jack) Double Click on the Airport card if you are using wireless internet. The DNS servers will be listed under the TCP/IP Tab.

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What are authoritative dns server and none-authoritative dns server?

authoritative dns server is server that has own databases that has name resolution for the clients that for resolve from name to ip address and for ip address to name. non-authorititative dns server is server that forward request of dns client to authoritative dns server for resolve.

How do you find dns server address in Vista?

In the properties of your network adapter.

What is DNS Lookup?

A DNS Lookup is when a device that supports IP asks a DNS server for the IP address associated with a domain name. The DNS Server must "look up" the IP associated with that domain name.For example, if you were to go to in your browser, your computer would initiate a DNS Lookup. This process involves asking the Primary DNS Server for's IP address. The DNS Server will ask other servers until the IP address is found and the information returned to you.Assuming it is not cached, to find the IP address for, your DNS Server would first ask a DNS Root server for the DNS Server that handles "com". The root server would reply with the IP address for "com". Your DNS Server would then find the DNS Server that handles "com" and ask it for "". The "com" DNS Server would reply with the IP address for "". Your DNS server would finally find the DNS Server that handles "" and ask it for "".Once your computer receives the reply containing the IP address for, it can finally ask for the webpage it hosts.A common analogy is that DNS is like a very large phonebook. You look through the phonebook for the name you want and it will tell you the number you need to dial the person you're looking for. The process of looking up the number is a "DNS Lookup".If you would like to experiment with DNS Lookups, you can use the command line utility "nslookup" in Windows or Linux.

What is a dns address?

A DNS address is the address to a server that converts a URL to an IP address. Most DNS address' are provided by your ISP, although there are many free DNS servers available.

Where can one find out more about a dns server address?

On a computer running a Windows operating system, you can find your DNS Server Address by clicking Start> Settings> Network connections. Then double click on Local Area Connection. Now click the properties button and select Internet protocol. Click on properties and find Preferred DNS Server.

How do you find a preferred dns server address?

Go to command prompt and type nslookup

Define DNS server?

DNS, or Domain Name Server, matches a websites domain name with the IP address for that website's server.

What is the Mac address of the DNS server?

login to DNS server Click start->click run-> type cmd type IPCONFIG /all this will give you MAC address of server

What is a DNS server used for?

The DNS server is used to translate an alphanumeric address into an IP address that a computer can understand. As such, the computer will know which domain name to contact.

What does a Comcast DNS server do?

A DNS server converts a name of a web address to a number so that the computer can recognise what website you are looking for through its' IP address.

What tells the browser on which server to locate the webpage?

When you type the web address in browser, your computer connects to the DNS server in your ISP provider location, The DNS server in ISP tries to locate the IP address of the web page you requested. If it fails, then the request is forward to another DNS server until the IP address is resolved by one of the DNS server. Once IP address is located, browser contacts the web server using the IP and request for the resource.

What is DNS stand for?

TCP/ IP protocol suite uses a DNS client. DNS stands for Domain name system .A DNS server maps a name to an address.

Where is the domain name in a web address?

I dns server

What is dns server address?

The DNS server address refers to the reserved addresses that are used in each of the local network. The router on that network usually connects the users to the internet.

Function of dns server?

A DNS server takes a domain or computer name and returns an IP address. This is a transparent function that is related to websurfing and many other network processes. A DNS server translates a computer or domain name to the associated IP address.

How do you find your DNS server?

start run cmd {enter} ipconfig /all it'll be to the left of "dns server"

What server translate a domain name to an IP address?


What server translate a a domain name to an IP address?


What type of server resolves a domain name to an ip address?

A DNS (Domain Name Service) server can find an IP address for a computer when the fully qualified domain name is known.

When would a dns server contact a root server?

If a DNS server cannot find the answer to the DNS Query in its own database it will first query the forwarders (if there are any configured) and then ask the root server. root servers (by default) are the master DNS servers of the Internet.

What is DNSDHCPserver?

You are referring to two different severs. A DNS servers and a DHCP server. A DNS server is called a Domain Name Server, it translates IP addresses into English so we can understand it. For instance a website has two names, the IP address and that is matched up to a name in the DNS server such as So the DNS server gives you the name and vice versa is you wanted to find the IP address of then there is a DNS server that will tell you its (not real address). The DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, is a program that gives you your PC address, such as, it is done automatically when you log in, this way your computer has a unique identifier so someone can send you an email and it will only go to you because you have a unique number given to you by your DHCP server.

What type of server resolves fully qualified domain names to IP address?

A DNS server.

What is the function of domain name server?

Well a domain name server (DNS) is designed to find the IP address of a host given only its "domain name" eg you go to and DNS will translate that into's IP address that your computer can use to connect to

What is DNS in Linux?

A DNS is a Domain Name Server. A domain is the name of a website, such as Without a domain name server, you would need to know the IP address for the website. But with DNS, the name of the website is matched up automatically to the IP address.

What matches resource names with the required IP address?

A DNS server.