How do you find a pet dog that has been missing two weeks?

Helps to have some of your dirty clothes laying outside. Depending on how good your dog's nose is, she may be able to pick that scent up through the wind and follow it back. I heard this somewhere.

If your dog has a tattoo, or microchip call vet offices, SPCA, Radio Stations, Media Stations, put up Posters in Super markets, Talk to neighbors in your area. Search your area by foot and by vehicle.

Don't give up.

It's a real shame when a dog strays from home but never give up do all you can search call pounds,stations,and people living near by. Posters on poles naming the dog your number and address.

It's very upsetting when your dog goes missing. Try finding a photo of your dog and putting up a few posters round you're neighborhood. Or try to put some in a few local shops.


Oh I'm so sorry about your dog! What I would suggest is to go to your local Pet shops, animal shelters, dog grooming boutiqes, pet food store and other places like this, and hang up posters. make sure that on your posters you put, phone number, e-mail address, and a picture of the dog with it's name on it. You could also drive around putting posters in people's mail boxes. Hope you find your dogie!

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Non of them are the answers. I did them all weeks and weeks ago but we still never found my dog. Someones took him but we dont know who. We know someone has taken him because we look everywhere and called out for him and gave out like a million leaflets and stuck up a million posters and hes an adorable tiny miniature Yorkshire terrier so someone has obviously took him.

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I'm very sorry to hear about you losing your dog. breaks my heart to hear that .

i would try to send a viral text message. send a picture of your dog to everyone in your contacts even if you don't really like them(LOL) and ask that they send to everyone on there list and so on. include that you think it has been stolen as well as date and area where last seen. also include your contact info. i recommend an email just for it so you don't have to answer all the strange phone calls. Don't ever give up.