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How do you find an executor?

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There are several local services that you can find at this list of Probate Registries:

or you could try searching the National Will Database:

but I think that's a commercial venture.

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Who is best for executor?

You can find an excellent article about what to consider when choosing an executor at the link provided below.

How to find the executor of will?

How do I find out if the excutor of the will is distrubting the money as the will states.

Does executor of a will has to find unknown property of testator?

The executor must make a reasonable and diligent search for property. They cannot be "required" to find unknown property. The heirs and relatives should assist by notifying the executor of any property they have knowledge of.

How can you find out if you were left something in a will?

You should be notified by the executor.

Can you find out who is executor of a will while the person is still alive?


What is the name of the court petition to remove an executor of a will?

Removal of ExecutorRemoval of ExecutorRemoval of ExecutorRemoval of Executor

When an executor of a will dies who replaces them to find lawyer for probate?

The court will appoint a new executor. Consult a probate attorney and they will help you get it resolved.

Can a piece of land be sold by the executor if it is to go to the heirs and does not include the executor?

The executor is responsible to the estate and must find money to pay all debts before distribution. They may sell property if necessary and approved by the court.

How do you find out if you an in your parents will?

You can always ask your parents. If they are deceased, the executor of the will can tell you.

Will named you as executor but living trust for the house has no executor named Am I still the executor?

The living trust has a trustee, not an executor. The will is a separate process and you would be the executor.

Can an estate executor sign over responsibility to the estate attorney in Tennessee?

The executor can resign through the court and the court can appoint the attorney as the executor.The executor can resign through the court and the court can appoint the attorney as the executor.The executor can resign through the court and the court can appoint the attorney as the executor.The executor can resign through the court and the court can appoint the attorney as the executor.

If your the executor of a will and you find the bank account has Pay upon death on it and it is not the executor who pays taxes on that?

I have been the executor of my mothers money, I pay her nursing home bills with it, she just died and i have 200,000 dollars left, do I have to pay tax on that money.

Can executor change the executor?

With the permission of the court, a new executor can be appointed.

How do you find out who the executor of your grandmas unclaimed money is when she did not have a will?

If there is no Will, then there cannot be an Executor. When a person dies without a Will (i.e. "intestate") and there is a need for an Administrator (as opposed to an Executor) to settle the deceased's estate, then someone who may have an interest in the estate can file with the court to be named as that Administrator.

Must an executor be named?

No, an executor does not have to be named in the will. The court will appoint someone to be the executor.

How do you find if i am a beneficiary?

If you are a beneficiary of a will you will be notified when the will is presented to the court for allowance and appointment of an executor.

Does an executor have to find living relatives?

That is one of their jobs. They have to notify all the beneficiaries.

What are anagrams for executor?

None at the moment, if i find one shall surely post!

When a testator dies and the named executor does not want the duty how does he find a new executor?

The appointment of a named executor or replacement of an executor for any reason is under the jurisdiction of the probate court. The named executor can file a Declination if they don't want to accept the appointment and the court will appoint an alternate. The person who wishes to relinquish the office after appointment as the executor must file a motion with the court to be relieved of that duty and the court will appoint a successor. If the executor dies or becomes incapacitated the court will appoint a successor. If there has been misconduct or breach of duty by the executor the beneficiaries may petition for removal and appointment of a successor.

How do you find out if your name is on your grandmother's will or estate?

If your grandmother is still living, you can't. If she is deceased, the executor of the will is required to notify you if you are in the will. If there is no will, and your parents are deceased, then you should contact the probate court and/or executor.

Does executor know contents of will?

The executor need not know the contents of the will while the testator is living but she/he should know where to find the will. When the testator dies the contents will be revealed when the will is filed in probate.

Can wife be executor of will?

Yes. A spouse can be named as executor of a will. A spouse can be appointed by the court if there is no named executor or the named executor cannot serve.

What is the difference between co-executor and independent co executor?

What is the difference between an independent co-executor and a co-executor

Can an executor be beneficiary of a will in CT How can an executor be removed by an heir?

Yes, the executor can be a beneficiary. The court may remove an executor at the request of the beneficiaries.

After an estate is closed how long does it take to get your money?

The length of time for probate vary by county and state to state. But, mostly it depends on the executor as to how efficient they are in doing their duties after the probate process is complete. Find out who the executor (or admnistrator) is and ask them how long it will be before they start distributing the estate. ( You can find out who the executor is by viewing the will at your local Probate Court.)