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not easy.

idle is the last thing that works correctly on any EFI motor.

i recommend joining our experts on our forum and ask there.

interactive , is the only way to discuss this complex subject.

first , you must tell us the motor type.


or 16 valves.

they are night and day in the idle department.

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โˆ™ 2009-08-06 01:50:21
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Q: How do you find an idle problem in a 1995 suzuki sidekick jx?
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Where can you find a diagram of rear brake assembly for Suzuki Sidekick Sport?

hawk suzuki has what you need 18887268724

Where is the IAT sensor on 1997 suzuki sidekick sport?

Check this link

Your local Suzuki dealer is unable sort out the check engine light which is on on your 1993 Suzuki Sidekick any ideas?

On my 93 suzuki sidekick the check engine light came on at exactly 120000 miles.It can be reset if you take your drivers side speaker out you'll find a switch in there to reset it.If the problem occurs again then you probably have a real problem.If you vehicle is not running any different then I wouldn't be that concerned.

Where can you find a wiring diagram for a 1994 Geo Tracker?

The Haynes auto repair manual for Suzuki Sidekick / Geo Tracker 1986-1995 has many pages in chapter 12 with common wiring diagrams.

How do you find the neutral safety switch on a Suzuki Sidekick?

the neutral safety switch located on the rightside of the automatic gearbox.

How do you change resistor block on 1995 Suzuki Sidekick?

pull glove box door. pull resistor block. see hard to find parts here. world wide web dot kick-fix dot com (<dig?)

Can you find hardware for a 1997 suzuki sidekick jx?

name it, there are 1500 parts on this car, 3000 on new cars. name one part.

Where can you find a fusebox layout diagram for 1991 suzuki sidekick? 3rd posting in 24 hrs/.

Where do you find the fuse box on the 1997 suzuki sidekick jx?

Have you looked under the hood on the driver side? I believe it has a black plastic cover over it.

Why is the horn on my2007 Suzuki XL7 not working?

i have the same problem did you find why is was doing that?

Has anyone had problem with Suzuki 2003 areio hatchback latch?

I replaced the lock on my 2003 Suzuki Areio hatchback and now I find it is starting to stick again, I was wondering if this is a common problem with this model?

1995 suzuki sidekick 16valve will start then die's right away every time could it be the car computer any idea's?

My first guess would be that you have a sizable vacuum leak some where... Check to see if you can find any vacuum hoses that have disconnected or that may be cracked or split.

Where do you find the brake fluid for 1998 Suzuki sidekick?

at the auto store. buy the best Dot3/4 and use that. nothing else. never use dot5 mineral fluid.

Where can you find a vacuum hose diagram for a 1994 Suzuki sidekick? on the hood is a vacuum diagram. required by law. open hood. look up .under hood ,not down.

Are they still selling the sidekick 3?

no ,at the tmoblie store they only have the new sidekick slide`s and sidekick lx`s which they are really fun but you can find a sidekick 3 on eBay or like at the swapmeet no ,at the tmoblie store they only have the new sidekick slide`s and sidekick lx`s which they are really fun but you can find a sidekick 3 on eBay or like at the swapmeet

What is the problem with the battery on a 1995 Aurora?

cant find the battery

Where is the PCV valve located on the 1995 Suzuki Sidekick?

I have a '94. Assuming it's in the same place, you will find it just to the left of the center of the engine as you are looking down on it from the front of the car. You'll see a rubber hose about 1/2" in diameter that connects into it. It should be very easily accessible, about as easy to remove as the dipstick.

How can you get a sidekick for free?

steal it or find it

Where can you find the idle of suzuki Verona?

where can you find the idle of suzuki verona?

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1993 Suzuki Sidekick the Haynes manual says its by the PCM but I can't find that either?

It is a black square module hanging from the fuse box under the left side of the dash.

Do they still sell the sidekick 2?

no ,at the t-moblie store they only have the new sidekick slide's and sidekick lx`s which they are really fun but you can find a sidekick 2 on eBay or like at the swap-meet

How much does the sidekick 08 cost now?

U CAN FIND OUT HOW MUCH A SIDEKick cost by going to

Suzuki vitara 1995 fuel pump?

is this a question.? do you want to buy one. find one on car. find one in car. do you what to test it. did i prime your pump.... hahahahaha

How do you get the in dash radio out on a 1994 Suzuki Sidekick?

check this site, you might find what you need ,.....

How can you find my esn on a sidekick lx?

You can find the ESN number on a Sidekick LX by removing the battery and reading the label. It is a unique number which identifies the phone on the network.