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How do you find information?

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"Searching_the_Net" id="Searching_the_Net">Searching the


  • Find a fully configured personal computer. Learn how to use it.

    You should be able to use your word-processing program, get online,

    and move to different websites. If you can't, get someone to help

    you learn.

  • Learn how to use a browser program like Firefox, Safari or

    Opera. These are the programs that will help you navigate around

    the websites.

  • Explore different search engines. These are massive programs

    that will search the internet for different websites. Some good

    search engines include,,, and - type the address into your

    browser's URL box (you might need to add the "http://" at the

    beginning of the address, depending on your browser) and hit


  • Once you have gotten to the search engine, type key words

    describing whatever you are looking for into their Search Box. For

    example, if you want to know how many people live in Podunk, MO,

    you would type "Podunk,MO population." You don't need to use

    capitalization or punction unless it is something like City,State.

    If you have a specific way you want the words to appear (like

    "Official Website"), or a specific phrase you are looking for (like

    "information on the internet") then surround that phrase with

    quotations - otherwise, the search engine will pull up every

    website with each individual word to show you!

  • Left click on the title of each website that shows up in the

    list of websites returned by the search engine. That will take your

    browser to the website. You can then hit "Back" on your browser

    toolbar, or just close the window by clicking the "X" at the

    top-right corner.

  • Keep searching until you find the info you need. Remember that

    you have a "History" list if you click the button beside your

    browser URL box - usually it will keep a list of every website you

    have been to during a certain time period.

  • Welcome to the web - the world at your finger tips!

"Finding_Information_in_the_Real_World:" id=

"Finding_Information_in_the_Real_World:">Finding Information in the

Real World:

  • Visit the library. If you do not know how to look up a book in a

    library, the librarian will by happy to teach you how to find


  • Visit a bookstore. All bookstores have an information desk

    where you can ask someone to help you find a book or find


  • Read a newspaper. Your local paper will have tons of

    information, from what's going on, to the latest sports news, to

    what groups are meeting in your area this week.

  • Use an encyclopedia or dictionary.

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