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Look in The Blue Book of Gun Values, The Standard Catalog of Firearms, or Modern Guns. They should all be available at your local library. AHNH

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Q: How do you find information on High Standard shotguns?
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Where can you find information on 16 Ga shotguns?

On the internet.

Where can you find information on Washington arms shotguns?


Where can you find information about a 22 caliber High Standard kit revolver? - This site specializes in High Standard.

How do you find information about Russell Arms co shotguns?

You can find information about Russell Arms Co. shotguns online at places like Gun Trader or at many local gun stores. You can also find information online at Shotgun World or Arms List.

Where can you find information about a 20 gauge JC Higgins Model 583.22?

Your shotgun 583 .22 was made in 1952 by High Standard Manufacturing for Sears. These are very good shotguns it is worth about 100 to 150 dollars depending on condition and who's buying it.

How Can you find out information about your shotguns from their serial numbers?

If data has been published, you might be able to find out the date made and specific model.

Where can one find information on standard freeholder?

One can find information on standard freeholders by visiting economy related websites. One could also find this information in Marketing or Economics magazines.

How old is your 12 gauge shot gun only info on is Baker gun co Batavia NY?

There is a lot of Information on the Baker Gun & Forging Co. They started in 1890 and made shotguns up to 1923. They made several different grades of shotguns. I suggest that you go to a book store and find a book called "2008 standard catalogue of firearms 18 edition" in it you will find several different photos of shotguns and listing of the different grades. All of them are valuable. look on page 104 for the information you are seeking.

How do you find information on New England Firearms Mini Pardner shotguns?

You can go to their website

Where can you find information about Stevens shotguns?

the value of a 1948 Stevens double barrel shotgun 16 gauge. Hammerless.

Where can you find detailed info on your high standard sport king special rifle model A1041?

The High Standard Collector's Association would be a good start. Mr. John Stimson has collected information on various High Standard Firearms, and has a web page. The link below with take you to the rifle listing.

Where can you find information about a 12 gauge JC Higgins Model 20 pump shotgun serial 583.53?

The shotgun in question was made in late '47 or early in '48. It was actually made by High-Standard. Their version of this shotgun was called the Mod. 200. High Standard sold no shotguns at the time the 583.53 was made - probably in the late 1940's The High Standard model 200 was a late 1960's model but did have a few common parrts with many of the models 20's and 21's

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