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How do you find information on a J Stevens Arms Company Model 620 16-gauge shotgun?


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Make sure it is a 620 and not a 520. The 520 has a stepped receiver top [similar to a Browning A-5] where the 620 has the smooth receiver top [similar to a Remington 1100]. They are both take down models. To take apart the 520, unload the firearm, cycle the bolt to the rear of the receiver, turn the knurled portion of the magazine tube outward until the nut at the base of the magazine tube clears the receiver comfortably. Advance the action bar/forearm about 3/4 of the way forward..turn the firearm so the receiver is down and wiggle the barrel/receiver union a bit so the barrel/forearm indexes up toward you about 1/8". Then the forearm will slide out and disengage from the bolt and the whole forearm/barrel unit will slide up toward you and away from the top of the receiver. Most of these are 2-9/16" chambers in the 16 Ga. Keep this well oiled and clean as it is an interrupted thread union and subject to fouling. Also after firing, you will have to advance the forearm forward about 1/8" to disengage the bolt and then you can pump another round into the chamber. 2/-1/2" ammo is quite common and fair priced. Gun Parts Corp has parts for these on occasion. That's about all I can offer on this fine 100 yr. old Browning design.


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