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Answers:Fox newsThe best source is Fox News. I know this because I just returned from Iraq and I've found Fox news gives the most unbiased reporting of what is really happening over there. Posted by lchowYou can, also, view my site for additional information not currently covered by the newsmedia.

HIM Yao Sui, Chief Negotiator and Managing Partner

Lester D.K. Chow and Associates

P.O. Box 4604

Honolulu, Hawaii 96812

After 1990-91, we haven't seemed to have found any new clients. This posting was done as an informational public service posting. Reference to my company was done so people would have a souce to refer to as to the authenticity of my information. We are not so popular with the White House, which seems to be avioding us and questions about our involvement in Iraqi negotiations.

All of the above should be researched and looked into by the newsmedia and America's people. Thank you!

This is not a solicitation for business posting. It is an informational posting with regard to our work in Iraq, things which were never published by the newsmedia. Please read our posting for informational purposes. Thank you once again!

The American people SHOULD be told the truth about the Iraq War! What our government does not tell you can hurt!

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Q: How do you find information on the Iraq war?
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How do you find information on the War in Iraq?

google is good or cnn or fox news seems reliable

Where can you find information on pro-war propaganda for the wars in Vietnam and Iraq?

You might be able to find information is you go to and type in the words of what you are looking for.

Where can someone find information about Iraq work?

You can find information about Iraq work online at All Iraq jobs,Escape Artist, ExpatsDirect, Fluor, Halliburton Jobs, Overseas Jobs, Relief Web, USAJOBS.

Why is the war in Iraq there?

The War in Iraq is in Iraq is a tautology. The reason it is called the Iraq War is specifically because it is in Iraq.

Where can someone find a footage of Iraq War?

One can find a lot of footage of the Iraq War especially on Youtube or the military website. Youtube has videos of the army in Iraq, Afghanistan, firefights, combat fights, and in helicopters.

What is the name of the war Iraq and US is in?

It is known as :The Iraq War,The Second Gulf WarOccupation of IraqWar in Iraq,In Iraq is is known as the 2nd American Gulf War.

What is the name of the war in Iraq?

the Iraq war

What was the name of the war with Iraq?

Iraq war

What type of music do Iraq people listen to?

stop the war in Iraq please stop the war in Iraq please stop the war in Iraq please stop the war in Iraq please

Is the war in Iraq an official war?

Yes it is considered an "official" war. The war is not on Iraq but in Iraq. That is a note that shouldn't be confused.

What war began in 1980 after Iraq was invaded?

There was a war that began in Iraq in 1980, but the war began with an invasion of Iran, not Iraq. That war is the Iran-Iraq War and lasted from 1980-1988.

What is the current war in Iraq named?

The Iraq War

Who was involved in the Iraq war?

The people involved in the war in Iraq are the US, Iraq and the UK.

Where did the fighting occur in the Iraq war?

Iraq. That's why it's called the IRAQ War.

Was Iraq at war in 1983?

Yes, Iraq was at war with Iran from 1980 to 1988. This was called the Iran-Iraq war.

Why was Iraq able to win the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s?

Iraq did not win the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. The war resulted in a stalemate.

Why is it called the War in Iraq?

The war in Iraq is called this because the war is within Iraq, its not with any other country. Iraq is having civil wars. Iraq can not stabilize their government or economy.

How would you describe the war of Iraq?

Discribe the war of Iraq

Who is helping the Americans in the Iraq war?

See: Iraq War i want to know if Mexico helped the us in the war with Iraq,

Is the War on Terror the same as the Iraq War?

Yes. The Iraq War is part of the War on Terror.

Where can you find pictures of the deaths in the Iraq war?

If you want to see deaths in the WAR! You better sign up!!

Where did the Iraq war occour?


Who was the leader of Iraq in the Iran-Iraq War?

President Saddam Hussein was the leader of Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War.

Where is the Iraq war happening?

The Iraq war is happing in the middle eastern of Iraq think you very much

What countries are in the war of Iraq?

The countries that are in the Iraq War are: United States England France (short of) and Iraq