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A friend of mine who buys at auctions came across some personal scrap books from the late fifties thru sixties. Among these books were two menus that were saved. Both were from a restaurant with the name of "SHANGRI-LA" of Chicago. I don't remember the complete address but, I believe that it started with "222", and then "CHICAGO 1". One of the menus has a date of 1961. The second one is a little smaller, (and possibly older). It's simply beautiful! It has a colored drawing of a polynesian woman on the cover who is topless, but tasteful. It's a gatefold menu- Front, Back, and two inside pages. He just buys and turns around and sells. He may not have these menus for long. I will get as much info as I can off these menus including some digital pictures I'll upload. If this is what someone is interested in email me and I'll get back.

The address was 222 N. State Street.

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Q: How do you find information on the old Shangri-La restaurant in the Loop?
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