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Insurance Records of previous vehicle owner Insurance Records are protected under State and Federal Privacy laws. There is no legitimate legal reason for a person to want to obtain the "insurance records" of a previous owner. The attempt to do so could constitute an invasion of that persons privacy rights.

Any coverage or compensation paid to a previous owner would not extend to the new owner as the new owner was not an insured and did not have a financial interest in the property (vehicle) prior to the purchasing of it.

The previous insurers obligations was to the previous insured owner. Those obligations ceased when the policy expired, terminated or when the vehicle was sold to another individual.

The previous owners insurance company has no obligation to someone who purchased the vehicle at a later date.

If you are interested in the vehicle history, accidents, previous damage or repairs and such, this can be obtained through Car Fax and other similar on-line services.
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In order to get the insurance records of a previous car owner, you can approach RTO office of your locality or you can visit the online website of Parivahan Sewa to get the records.

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Q: How do you find insurance records from a previous owner of a car?
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