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== == Automobile ownership records are PUBLIC information, and are held by the State or Province that issued the car's number plates. Check with the government's automobile registry for this info.

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Q: How can you find out the name of a previous car owner?
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WHO WAS PREVIOUS OWNER OF CAR? NAME ON TITLE OF CAR PREVIOUS OWNER OF CAR? looking to find out previous owner how many previous owner

How do I find out name of previous owner on a car I bought. I only have his first name?

In the UK, such information should be found in the car's log book.

Title to car still in previous owner car got im pounced and I have the title they went get car and blocked my number and hide car?

If if color title was not changed over from previous owner and previous owner went and got the car that I have the title what can I do about the previous owner getting my car when I have the title but still in his name

How do you find your cars last owner?

Most states include the name and (provided) address of the previous owner of a car on the front side of the title.

who was the previous owner?

is this car worth $1,500.00 and who was the previous owner

What do you do after buying a car from a previous owner?

Get insurance, a tag and a the title in your name

How do you find the car owner name detail?

how can you its impossible

How do you put a car under your name if it has lien holder?

The lien holder from the previous owner needs to sign off on the sale before you can change the title. If you buy the car, but still owe money on it, you can get the title in your name with the previous owner as lienholder.

What happens to car if you find previous owner owes finance on it?

you make him pay it or else you will need to pay it.

How do you find previous owner of vehicle?

it should be on the title or just use the vin and do a car report on the internet

Can you register your car in your name when the previous registered owner can not be contacted?

You have a problem contact your local DMV to get this sorted out.

Can previous owners of a vehicle take car back?

Not usually, once you are the owner of a vehicle and the previous owners name is not on the title, they will usually have rights to that vehicle.

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