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How do you find out if a boy likes you?

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He will look and smile at you alot, he will try to make you laugh. Maybe be mean to you around people. Try to show of. & probubly goof off

All that stuff, but if the guy you like is shy around specifically you, then of course.....

talk some, and watch how much he listens. often times a shy guy will want to make things real romantic so he'll listen in for things you like.

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How do you find out a boy likes you?

1. look down2. if he is pointing at you he likes you

How do you find out if a boy likes a girl?

Ask him.

Find out if a grade 5 boy likes you?

Ask him out

How do you empress a dashing boy?

Find out what he likes and if he likes tomboys or girlie girls. Be what he likes. Do what he likes. Find his favorits and if you they aren't so bad maby make them your favorits.

What do you do when you tell a boy you like him and he does not?

Get him to like you. Find out his likes and try to join in with the things he likes to do

What should you do if the boy you love likes somebody else?

Find yourself another boy.

how do i find out if a boy in my class love/likes me?

Talk to him and find out what you have in common

How do you get a boy to like you over again?

To get a boy to like you is to talk to him,find out what he likes,dress better.

How do you find out who a boy likes?

Tell the boy to have a private convo with you and ask him if he likes anybody just randomly and if he says none try and beg him to tell you

Why would a boy be sad to know another boy likes you?

This normally means he also likes you but cant find enough courage to say so

A boy that like another boy?

when a boy likes another boy it is called being gay Most men find the term gay offensive. When a boy likes another boy they are homosexual. This affection is completely normal, just a sexual preference.

What if the boy that you like still likes his ex girlfriend?

He's stuck in the past. Find a new boy.

How do you find out if a boy likes your bff?

ask him but make it studle because if he doesnt you dont want him to know that she likes him

How do you find out if a boy in fifth grade likes you?

just ask him let him know you want to find out

How can you find out if a boy likes you?

theres only really one way to do it- ask him. no one likes that way, and are always to embarrassed to do it, but if you like him, you might aswell tell him, and find out if he likes you back.

How to know a boy likes you?

A boy likes you when they keep bothering you

What are signs a boy likes you?

What are some signs a boy likes you?

How many girls are there in the us?

I think you should be yourself , but nicer a boy likes a nices girls ,but if the boy likes you.You should find out why he likes about you, so you do not change it. Boys have to like you for a good reason, if not he just likes you for your money ,or for the gifts you give him.

In middle school how do you find out if your boyfriend really likes you?

Give The Boy Head:p

How do you know if a boy fancies you?

if he likes you you should find him staring at you with a look of admiaration.

Your boy friend and you never have anything to talk about what do you talk about?

find out what he likes and talk about it!

How do you find out if a 11 year old boy likes you or not?

Write him a note and ask him.

When a boy hugs you quick does that mean he likes you?

Kiss him and you'll find out for sure

What can you do to find out if a 14 year old boy likes me?

if he said and u heard it

How do find out about a boy who likes you without your friends of other people telling you?

Ask him.

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