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If he is flirting with you then he would be playing,sitting next to you alot,backing you up and always or sometimes asking you to be his partner. But if he is being nice then he would help,play,and laugh at your jokes or when you are being funny


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It depends how much they do it. If they do it a lot they are most likely flirting, but if they do it once in a while they are most likely just being nice.

Well if he is flirting with you then he likes you.

Honey, you never know the differences between guys

Well i know that when a girl is flirting she will touch your arm or laugh louder than normal. if a girl is just your friend she will treat you as if you are a friend.

If your colleague's girlfriend is winking at you, it could jut be his way of being nice to you. It is also a good possibility that he is flirting with you.

The proper thing to do is to remind her that she has a boyfriend and not respond to her flirting.Make sure she's actually flirting with you though and not just being extremely nice.If it persists or reaches a higher level don't refrain from telling her boyfriend about it.

By just smiling and talking to him will give him a hint. Even iratating him in a nice way can be flirting. By just smiling and talking to him will give him a hint. Even iratating him in a nice way can be flirting.

you be nice and open to them and just flo with it bro if you want to know something just ask like flirting you be nice and open to them and just flo with it bro if you want to know something just ask like flirting

Well.....if he is flirting with only you, then maybe he likes you. Try to talk too him. Let him know that you are interested in him. :) But is a very thin line between flirting, and just being a nice guy.

Well does she talk about her boss a lot? it depends she might be flirting but she might just be being nice to get a raise or promoted. It just depends what type of woman she is

Just keep on being nice to him and start flirting with him sooner or later he'll come around.

Honestly, I don't see how it is. UNLESS...You are saying to somebody, "You are hot." or "You are sexy." THAT can be condoned as flirting. But just simply telling someone, "You look nice/pretty today.." or "That outfit looks good on you." I don't see how that is flirting, it's merely being friendly and giving somebody a compliment.

Sometimes girls just laugh like that to be nice. Other times, laughing when someone does something nice could be a nervous habit or a sign of insecurity. They could see the nice gesture as flirting and be flirting back. Sometimes laughing just means she feels good and is appreciative.

just find, sort of nice and easy

No, not that simple......But in a lot of cases it would be flirting.

Perhaps it means that it is nice to see you? If you had a good relationship then it might be nice to see you again after some time . . . . If he is not actually flirting, he is probably just being courteous and letting you know there are no ill feelings after the breakup.

Chances are she does it to get a reaction out of you (which I would guess she's probably getting.) People seek attention, and if they can't find it by being nice, they sometimes find it by being ornery. So maybe she likes you and that's why she wants the attention from you....or maybe she's just a kleptomaniac! yes obviously!!!!!!!!!!!!

just tell her that you like her, is a nice way, or if you dont feel good with that, just start flirting with her.

A girl will be really nice to you, if she likes you, or either she is a real nice person. If you want to get her to like you, just continue the friendship and get to know her a little; then add flirting in at the same time.

it could mean that maybe he has found something that he doesnt like about you, that was just playing you, or that something has happened that has made him want to keep his distance from you

Just being nice. Depends the way he is hitting on you. Dont tell your friend! he could like you but you need to talk to him. if he likes you choose who is more important the guy or the friend.... if he doesnt like you then tell him to knock it off

It just means they are embarrassed or a bit self-conscious, or they don't like being the center of attention. Some may take what you said as flirting. Or it could just be their way of showing gratitude.

They are talking with you in a really nice way

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