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He might be shy. Just give him some time to come around and to talk to you. If he is always looking at you, that is a sign that he likes you. Also, if he is asking your friends about you, that is also a good sign.


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Don't be afraid of her friends. They aren't there to form a barrier against guys. Hold your chin up and approach the girl, friends around or not.

You can't. If she likes one of your friends then that's ok. Maybey she will get tired of him and try looking for a new guy, so always try to impress her with what you and her like.

Talk to him privately, without any of his friends knowing about it.

try and talk to her friends and get the scoop!.. her friends will always know who she likes

there 2signs when a boy looks at you! 1. He is just looking the surroundings! 2. When he looks at you always it means he/she likes you! Note: But they are afraid to tell that they like you!

Usually if a girl like's you they tend to get nervous and they might giggle alot also if they like you they might stare at you _______________________________________________________________________ if she is afraid of u and tell her friends that, she likes you. She mentions it to her friends cause she wants to talk about you or hear her friends say "Hey likes you, He likes you!"

It means the guy has feelings for you but was too afraid to admit them.

They will tease or make fun of you or they will make a good impression to your friends or maybe even you. Don't be afraid to ask. But don't be afraid not to.

This could indicate that he still has feelings for you, or simply, he really likes the chain. If you think he still likes you, talk to him about it, or if you are afraid to, ask your friends or his friends if they think that he still likes you.

Just ask or get a close friend to do it. Some of the ways you can tell if someone likes you are: staring then looking away when you catch them looking,blushing when you speak to them,always seems to be in the same place or group of friends,by telling you how pretty or cute you are and so on They flertttttt!!!

You can tell if some one likes you by if they always looking or smiling at you, or trying to flirt with you, or if they are always trying to hang out with you.

He needs to talk to you a lot, first of all be like friends, then develop into a relationship. You can tell he likes you back if he always starts up the conversation. You always see him looking at you, or he walks with you, and laughs at you.

because he is too afraid of showing his feelings

It probably means he likes you. But if he likes you he'll be looking at you all the time and not just once.

you should definetely ask him out if he takes time to talk to you that much than he likes for more than friends. he might not take it so well but if he turns you down ask if you can still be friends

2 ways: 1- He likes you, but he is embarrassed or afraid to tell his friends because they never would of thought that he would like a person like you. 2- He doesn't like you.

They will be really nice to you and will always look into your eyes when they are talking to you or even looking at you (: they will treat you really Special xD) And if they invite you to sit with them at lunch or a party with all his guy friends, then he DEFINITELY likes you.

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