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How do you find out if a guy really likes you when you know that you like him?


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Like some guys I'm terrible at picking up on clues and signs when a girl is interested in me. I've been told to see if she finds an excuse to touch you in conversation or see if she smiles alot, blushes and her eyes dilute. Personally I think the best way is to just go out and ask him believe me if girls did that to me I'd find asking girls out alot easier.


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I don't know who she likes. Who do you think she likes? Actually, this is Wonder, and I do know who I like. Guess who!!?? And keep guessing. But, you can ask me if you really wanna find out.

if you really like someone you should become friends with him. If you get to know him more he may find he really likes you the way you like him.

what you do is think about it and if you do find what most you like about her and if you do a lot of things like her ASK HER OUT !!!!!!!!!!! Try to find out if you really like her, and if you do, tell her that. If you dont 100% know if she likes you, ask her. If she does, try to be her friend, than after a while, ask her out.

when no 1 is arround tell her you like her and then ask her if she likes you

First he will talk with you clearly and directly about how he likes you. If he does not say "I like you" then he doesn't. If he does anything else to show you he likes you but doesn't say he likes you, he doesn't like you. If he tells other people he likes you but doesn't tell you he likes you he doesn't really like you he just likes the idea of letting you think he likes you. If you don't really know him then he doesn't really know you either so he has no way to like you just like you have no real way to really like him either. OK, first that is not right. He might be shy he doesn't have to say he likes you, you should just talk to him about anything and if he doesn't don't feel embarrassed you might even just ask him.

you ask him if he Like likes you

flirt with him, try and hint .. and see if he does the same.

I'm not really sure, but i would say talk to him about who he likes and then be like oh i kinda like you.. or somthing like that.

It's OK for your friend to like him to. But if you want him to like you you must get to know him better. You might find out you don't like him at all after you find out what his personality's like.

If he treats you with respect. I know this from experance.

Tell her you really like her simple ya i mean that is what girls want to happen because they know!

I've heard that they really like it when you know a lot about a topic he likes, and he really likes it when you know even more about the topic than he does

He might like how you look, but if he has never talked to you then he doesn't know who you really are, meaning he doesn't really Like you. Try talking to him and let him get to know you. Then you'll know if he really likes you.

I don't know who but Taryn really Likes him!!

Find out if the guy likes her back or not and if she really likes the other guy (ask one of her friends). Also you need to make yourself noticed and seem desirable. Then ask her if she wants to do something sometime.

he cant really like you if he is your ex he will be trying to get back with you then

act flirty with some1 else...and if he doesn't like that...then it means he likes u

to tell if he really likes you is one way to simply ask him or look for signs like always talking or staring at you touching you talking about you or finding ways to show you that he likes you

just ask him what he likes to do it and find out what music he likes that will score points

You don't really know if he/she likes you unless you write him/her a letter of some sort or something like that.

Ask him what he likes about you the most if he takes to long or gives an unsatisfactory answer, then he probably doesn't like you. Find a guy who really, truly, love you for who you are!

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