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How do you find out if there are wedding planning classes available in your area?

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Never heard of classes. There are books you can get from the library to help you plan your own out of this world wedding. There are wedding planners but they are not going to give you classes.They will charge to plan. The library has what your probably looking for, at least they did when I got married 20 years ago and they were great books, then...Good luck.....P.s. If you wanted to you could put and ad in your local paper and see if you could get some gals together to network and help and hint for wedding ideas. That sounds like fun and you could meet some friends forlife.....

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Are there classes on wedding planning?

Classes on Wedding PlanningYes, there are. A wedding planning business can be a very lucrative one in today's times when most people just don't have the time to plan their own weddings. To become a wedding planner, there are many classes and training courses that you can take that will teach you all that there is to know about the wedding planning business.Many online training programs and wedding planning courses are available which you can take from the convenience of your home. With these distance learning programs on wedding planning, you will not have to worry about missed classes and can complete the class on your own terms and in your own time.Your local training centers may also have various wedding planning classes that you can take advantage of the get practical and hands-on training in wedding planning.Points to consider include:How long is the workshop - can you really learn everything you need to know in just one or two days?!Where is the class situated - are you going to have to travel some distance to attend?When is it held - have you missed the start date already, or can you really commit to attending for certain dates when you have other personal commitments?Is it confidential? Do you really want to share your own business ideas with a class full of other people who will eventually be your competitor in this area?It is a good idea to take wedding planning classes if you are planning to become a wedding planner. Along with giving you the requisite expertise, you may also be certified as a professional wedding planner which will help you tremendously when you start your own business.

Are there event planning services in the Knoxville area that can help with a wedding?

There are several places that offer wedding planning in Knoxville. The best option is It has great tips and hints for wedding planning.

What wedding photographers are available in the Basingstoke area?

Peter Stubbs, Sandra Sergeant, Ian Good, Alan Bowman, and Mark Cornwell are some wedding photographers whose services are available in the Basingstoke area.

What types of classes do they have to become a wedding planner?

You can go to college to be a wedding planner. Try looking up online different colleges in your area and see what is avalible.

Do I need to take a class to how to become a party planner?

You may wish to check with the local community college in your area. Many offer classes in party and wedding planning througout the year. In addition, there are many online options for courses, such as QC School of Event Planning. To get additional information, visit their website:

How can I find auto repair classes in my city?

There are schools that offer auto repair classes. You could always try community colleges in your area, and if not available there, there are websites that have lists of auto repair classes available, her is one:

Where is the best geographical location to start a business in wedding planning?

It depends on where you want to locate. Being a wedding planner is a good job; however, you should research the demand for the area that you are considering.

What kind of GED classes are there for free?

Depending on the area you live in, you may have numerous free GED classes available. Some local school districts offer free GRE classes. If that is not available, look into free GED classes online such as Just be cautious to not fall into a scam.

may you help me to find free ESL classes in my area?

The site: has a complete listing of esl classes available in the Los Angeles area.

How do you go about planning a wedding vow renewal?

Planning a wedding vow renewal is the same as planning a wedding. Decisions like location, size, food, attire, and most importantly what you say to one another area all questions you will need to think about. Vow renewals can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish to make them. Celebrating a milestone in your wedding with a vow renewal is a beautiful way to celebrate your love for each other. So make it a reflection of that and the rest will fall into place.

looking for nursing classes and EMT classes in Madison. are there any available?

The following website has good information regarding EMT training classes in the Madison area.

I will be looking for a stained glass class in the Antioch area this summer. Anything available in the area?

There are stained glass classes that are located in the your hardware store.

Does Groupon offer gourmet cooking classes?

There are several deals on gourmet cooking classes available on Groupon in the Phoenix area as well as in California. It is important to remember that Groupon deals are very location relevant, so a search of your area will be the best way to determine what is available near you.

Chicago area classes?

where can i take classes in the Chicago area

What phlebotomy schools are available in the Los Angeles area that offer night and weekend classes?

There are several phlebotomy schools in Los Angeles area offering night and weekend classes. One of these schools is Abrams college in Modesto.

Which class is best for relaxation techniques?

For the best relaxation techniques I recommend classes in Yoga or Tai Chi. There should be any number of these available classes, easy to find and in your local area.

Are there any CNA classes available in Denver areas?

It appears that there are several options available in the Denver area. Two notable ones seem to be located at National American University and also Red Rock. Both offer the classes you are looking to take.

Can you take online GED classes with pass fail grading?

Yes, GED classes and grading, including certification are available online for those who cannot attend local classes in their area. Most GED courses have pass/fail grading.

What training classes does Microsoft provide there employees?

Microsoft provides a variety of training for their employees depending on their area of expertise. Some classes are available on the employees desktop or can sign up for additional training

Do you know of any classes held in my general area?

No, I don't know of any specific classes in your area. I can however direct you to the general admissions office for all your local colleges and universities. They will have a catalog of classes available to take, included will be all the information needed to pick a class that suits both your needs and schedule.

What digital photography lessons are available in Columbia, SC?

There are several photography lessons available in the Columbia SC area. Each has a different focus. The Midlands technical College offers a photography certificate program. "Snap Classes" (snapclasses,com) offers classes for the hobbyist.

Are there dental hygienist classes available in the Baltimore area?

For dental hygienist classes in Baltimore are first choice is University of Maryland School of Dentistry, Baltimore and the second one is The Community College of Baltimore County.

Where are the closest weld classes to Des Moines, Iowa?

The closest weld classes to Des Moines, Iowa is offered by the Iowa Union. You can get more information at There are classes in welding available at Des Moines Area Community College. A list of the classes they offer is available at You can reach them by phone at 515-964-6200 or 877-863-6222.

are there any stage schools available?

You can look at your university course catalog. Just go to their website and look for stage or acting classes. If they don't offer it, look in newspapers or something for stage classes near your area.

I would like info on senior citizens on line classes. Is there a cost, what's available. Thanks.?

There are a number of online classes for Senior Citizens, many of them area free. is a great place to start your search.